COPENHAGEN – on her way to school, 9am, nørreport, 02/04/09

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  1. Aava says:

    She just shines a positive attitude, which i love! she looks so cute.

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    definitely cute..copenhagens gonna be good i have a feeling!

  3. saray says:

    one stylish school girl

  4. Gorgoeus- love her individuality.

    your source to the young&so pretty

  5. She has a lovely smile! I’m never up at 9am haha

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love her little bibi!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think I know this girl

  8. Fannah says:

    the COAT. just LOOK at it.

  9. togga says:

    love the blue gloves! …and everything else!

  10. diane says:

    Wow, I love the way that coat looks! She looks great.

  11. MaxW says:

    Lovely cape. Superwoman.

  12. agus says:

    Beautiful girl with super style! Her poncho is amazing :-)


  13. Agnes Deer says:

    That thing seems so warm! :)

  14. TeeEmCee says:

    A dash of colour, like her gloves, really set an outfit apart

  15. Veritie says:

    a little heavy on the blusher, non?

  16. Veritie says:

    lovely outfit otherwise though

  17. Lis says:

    cool girl and she has a unique style!

  18. Mad Hatter says:

    she’s pretty, love the style

  19. MarieAnn says:

    Ooh, I like her bag (even though you can’t quite see it).. The coat too! Nice style..

  20. Jack Daniel says:

    I wish this girl was going to my school! :)

  21. Dolores says:

    Hi, I´m from Argentina, and I love this page. She look so cute.

  22. Ditte says:

    The jacket is from Topshop unique. :)

  23. Brigadeiro says:

    OMG! I’m so in love with that coat! It’s gorgeous! Reminds of my Spijkers en Spijkers version, but this is more fluid, love it! Gorgeous photos!

  24. terra says:

    i wish i could look like that at 7 in the morning x)

  25. Flavor says:

    What a gorgeous girl, she looks so positive and sweet!


  26. Filipa says:

    too much blush

  27. Very unusual textures, prints and colours put together! But it deffenately works well for her! Love the patent dc martens and the cape!

    Nicky X


  28. LoveMore says:

    this is so beautiful! :)

    xx LM

  29. Anonymous says:

    She looks great! what a rosy face. She is so splendid. I love the boots with the tights. And the oversize poncho hides her lumpy bits.