STOCKHOLM – götgatsbacken, slussen & berns, 01/17-18/09

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  1. JamieDOTBall says:

    not keen on those first massive wedgey shoes but her hair is eye-catchingly good. The second girl is the bets oui. bon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been told by quite a few stockholmers that when facehunter is in town people are definitely more wacky dressed, i think the first picture is a case in point, wtf? Her hair is damn cool though, i’l give her that.

  3. JLucia says:

    I’m not too impressed with either of them although I usually like the Swedish style. It’s a bit too much in all three cases I think.

  4. CalamityJem says:

    I say bring it on, there’s far too much middle-of-the-road dressing going on in the world so I personally salute the wacky peacocks!

  5. the girl in the first picture is gorgeous, but you can’t tell because of the poor choice in outfit and unhealthy looking triangle hair. the second girl looks amazing though! very cute and she doesn’t appear like she’s trying too hard.

  6. Isabella Eid says:

    when did buffalos become fashion again?

  7. C and Ell says:

    i love the first girl.. those shoes and that fur! i could never wear the shoes myself, but i love the clunky look they give. as for the fur… any day any time.

    check out our blog:

  8. amberb says:

    none of them are my faves, but i love the first girl’s hair.

  9. cuteseas says:

    The last ones hair reminds me of Mickey Mouse!

  10. norawoah says:

    oh yes! Amazing big hair.
    I also love the ripped tights on the bottom, a nice detail.

  11. TEXTSTYLES says:

    the hair!
    the massive electroshock do
    and the buns
    loves the do’s


  12. Aava says:

    the first girl reminds me of nancy spungen..err nice shirt dress thingy.
    the last girl is great! love it.
    middle girl looks better with the huge scarf on.

  13. diane says:

    1 Grunge meets Vivienne Westwood.
    2 This woman looks too severe.
    3 Wrong bag.

    You take beautiful portrait shots. The first one is my favorite. I love the daylight with the graffiti, on what looks to be church steps.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i am never coming back to check your blog again for posting pictures of people wearing fur. that is messed up!!!

  15. C.B. says:

    nice pics, as always!!!

  16. MaxW says:

    I love my country.

  17. Oh wow! Nice hairstyles..definitely something different than I’ve seen on the street style blogs lately.

  18. ronnie says:

    number one is soooo cool! i’m in love with that fur, even though i probably wouldn’t ever wear it. her outfit is something different that needs to be appreciated. beauty should be terrifying, and she’s got that down.

  19. Lisa says:

    you don’t have to use dead animals too look fabulous and cool…

  20. Jack Daniel says:

    Stockholm girls are really something.
    The hair of the girl in the first pic is cooool.

  21. Ausrine says:

    I’m not a fan of the platforms in the first photo or the hair in the last one.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The fox stole disgusts me.

  23. Deborah says:

    i love the girl w the poofy hair’s outfit

  24. Hyakoukoune says:

    Oula…animal killer !?
    yes ? no ?

  25. Pandasoppa says:

    i <3 when you go to sweden and post photos! we look so good over here, haha

  26. Mad Hatter says:

    love the coats, not sure on the first pictures shoes

  27. Flor de Toxo says:

    So nice, the firt picture with a carcass in her neck.
    I like fashion but not fashion at any price, whatever the cost

  28. Haha I love the minnie mouse style on the last girl

  29. TeeEmCee says:

    Scarves are amazing and cosy – all I can do at the minute is layer layer layer! winter is limiting my wardrobe!


  30. toutlebazar says:

    The first picture is amazing! It looks like an editorial shot. Though I’m not crazy about the fox head, her hair, makeup, and piercings are all uniquely gorgeous. I wish I could work triangle hair as well as she does!

  31. Anonymous says:

    God I love Sweden! Is the Facehunter Show back yet Yvan?? Common already!

  32. Des says:

    so eccentric and stylish!!

  33. The 1st girl is ammaazzinnggggg

    I need to knwo where she got her fur neckpiece!

  34. Anonymous says:

    The first girl’s hair looks like she’s been electroshocked. Like that poor animal she’s wearing. She looks hideous.

  35. Anonymous says:

    is that a dead animal around her neck?? no, no, no…

  36. Laura. says:

    fur with face? ew.

  37. the shoes on the 2nd pic !
    has been a long time since i’ve seen that ! nice one !

  38. Yeepcha says:

    The last girl – love the hair and the clothes. Very stylish!

  39. Yeepcha says:

    Love the last girl. Hair and clothes very stylish.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Aaawwww…fashion that kills..its nice to see the fox happy and enjoying itself.

  41. cup says:

    Isn’t that Lykke Li in the last picture?

  42. Love the first girl in a weird way as i’m not a fan of the Adams family look. Especially her shoes but she’s working it quiet well with the fur.

    Yeah i agree with some of the other commments it’s look their all trying way too hard for a look which shouldn’t necessarily be ott!

    Interesting finds though, deffenetly points for that!

    Nicky X


  43. my, oh my! says:

    The fur absolutely disgusts me.

  44. They could be wearing awesome outfits, but their terrible hairstyles detract from whatever they have on. ):