PARIS – on the street, belleville & le marais, 01/27/09

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  1. JamieDOTBall says:

    im in love! great pics again especially the first lady mmm

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow, absafreakingloutely love the first picture! its really awsum to see some colour injected into winter fashion.. loving her whole outfit! :D

  3. MER says:

    I really love the first girl’s style…great choice of colours and textures!

  4. Hyakoukoune says:

    Hou yeah ! Great Blue/Orange Girl !
    La 2ème ado est trop marrante.

  5. Contrasting orange collar, really pretty in a dainty way. very nice.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Olviya says:

    what a nice orange blouse!

  7. anna says:

    really goodlooking girl, the first one jaaow

  8. WAUW, the little birds nest in the girls hair! lovely !

  9. awwwwww they’re soo adorable!!! love the bird thing on her head.

  10. dandy gum says:

    coral and teal
    like my taxidermy teal (unwanted present lol)

  11. Style Hunter says:

    huh…gr8 combination of colours..gr8 pics

  12. j says:

    i always thought those french girls only exist in dreams…

  13. that first girl is so poised and unique. her outfit is like the perfect combination of comfort and chicness.

  14. Birgit says:

    2nd woman: great outfit and nice pose, unpretentious!! and nevertheless adorable or especially because of that! I love the shoes and the thights – what is this colour called? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Moodie says:

    Love you pics Yvan ! Go check out mine please !

  16. Jack Daniel says:

    Congratulations. The brunette girl is the most beautiful girl ever to be photographed by you, so far!

  17. Deborah says:

    That girl with the blue sweater is AMAZING!!!

    I also want to steal that scarf from the second girl!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Lamia… you’re gorgeous xo

  19. Outi says:

    I think that turquoise cardigan might be knit genius. Just throw it on and be cool.

  20. ohhhh its so funny that teal/orange combination just does not make sense in my head, but she pulls it off perfectly

  21. diane says:

    I love the texture of the sweater in the first photo.
    I must join the club on the second girl and say nay.

  22. boots on the last one; sublimely simple, enviably streamlined. love it.



  23. Anonymous says:

    the first one is just FAB!

  24. Juliet says:

    Incredibly cute!

    juliet xxx

  25. Anonymous says:

    just another american aparel seller.

  26. christelle says:

    J’aime le 1èr look :)

  27. trendkat says:

    I simply LOVE that top girl’s outfit!

    Its fabulous!

  28. Anonymous says:

    the first has nice hair

  29. Anonymous says:

    WoW.. I’m in LOVE with the first girl!!

  30. The first girl is absolutely georgous, she looks like a doll!

    Great finds!

    Nicky X


  31. melange muse says:

    love the first 2 pictures!
    great blog.

  32. Atenea says:

    I like the blue sweater, and the girl has a very sweet face.


  33. Anonymous says:

    Where can i find this cute girl in Paris?
    She is such a beautiful little bird

    Fab picture Yvan!!

  34. paulineg says:

    love the pictures !