LONDON – on the street, charing cross + soho, 12/11/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everything is pretty friggin effortlessly cool!

  2. I am sorry but the style of the girl in the first picture is breaking any aesthetics and is beyond ugly.

    The rest is allright.

  3. Rita says:

    I don’t think many people can pull off the second girl’s look. She does it very nicely.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Everything is the awesome. Especially the first and the last

  5. terra says:

    2nd’s coat looks really warm x)
    1st’s shoes are one of a kind (well.. two.. since we’re speaking shoes..) either way awesome finds!

  6. Anonymous says:

    in regards to the comment made by ‘the man who knew to much’, that’s actually a guy, not a girl.

  7. nome de plume says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a fur coat (vintage, of course) but I’m too scared I’ll have things thrown at me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The english have always had the best coats.

    Australia misses you.

  9. Ausrine says:

    the first… eeek.
    I like the second one the best.


  10. iddaa says:

    The rest is allright.

  11. Re: Anonyme
    Then it is even worse. So how bad can you make it?

  12. Aava says:

    aww the second girl is so adorable!love the shoes.

  13. Kaka Bubu says:

    The second look is just great – wonder if it’s real fur… Overall the combination of this huge coat and those tiny flats is really great!

  14. Love the first dude. 80% London 20%Harajuku.

  15. TheMinx says:

    those shoes in the first picture are EPIC

  16. Kaja says:

    Those shoes in the first pic, wow! Haven’t seen them since the 90’s :)

  17. Ooh! I want some platform-shoes!

  18. Anonymous says:

    >>Anonyme a dit…
    The english have always had the best coats..>>

    Can you actually see one English person there??
    Not particularly keen on any of the three either.

  19. Platform sneakers should not make a comeback!

  20. grey says:

    wat r dose beautiful tan shoes
    omg i wish i cud share dose wid her

  21. A says:

    Only mean people with very little brains wear fur – vintage or not.

  22. Filipa says:

    The first one seems like a boy when you first looked at her

  23. Sheila says:

    The last one is very long!

  24. I loved the coat in the third picture. The colors are beautiful, and good for the winter. great pictures.