LONDON – on the street, charing cross + soho, 12/10-11/08

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  1. Aava says:

    1st+2nd pics are AMAZING! those jackets are simply awesome. i love this.

  2. Jack Daniel says:

    This is typical London-style streetfashion.
    Cute ladies!

  3. the first girl is so ROCK n ROLL.

  4. asian is absoultey beautiful. perfect mix of clothing, and she looks like she didn’t take too long to put it together. a real talented girl.

  5. Copycat says:

    Interesting the 80’s look of the first picture.

  6. TEXTSTYLES says:

    first jacket with leopard and
    second with the fur!!!!
    loves them!

    great shots
    comme d’hab

  7. L. says:

    the first look is exciting.
    very funky

  8. I just got the Jeffry Campbell like the third pict.!!

    a really good flat that can go with anything

    btw , the second pic is pretty cool

  9. amanda says:

    lolololove the first pic. absolutely amazing. i’m in love with her jacket.

  10. Lelaine says:

    love that kast outfit. looks really cute.

  11. The jacket in the second pic is gorgeous!!


  12. Anonymous says:

    london is the best

  13. Rita says:

    The second girl is so cute! I love how she balanced out all the craziness going on on top with sleek leggings and knee-high boots.

  14. Eric Satie says:

    the last one looks like a fricken eskimo. others are great.

  15. Anonymous says:

    the first two are HOT.

  16. Angie says:

    I love the last one. She looks like a cute little penguin.

  17. Amazing. I LOVE the first one…the jacket is interesting with everything else she has on. Glad to see you in London! for street fashion inspired illustrations

  18. Hyakoukoune says:

    Elles sont toutes superbes, bravo.

  19. Mad Hatter says:

    that first photos is great

  20. Julia says:

    i like how looks the first lady…

  21. FASHIONPICS says:

    nice pic 2


  22. Anonymous says:

    the second girl’s jacket !

  23. thank good you came back to europe, so i could stop being jaloux off all the people in sommer clothes. these jakets are amazing!

  24. than god you came back to europe, so i could stop being jaloux of all these people in beautiful sommer clothes. these winter jakets are amazing!

  25. Tani Lezama says:

    beautifull girls… nice styles!

    u r in my links now!


  26. manta blog says:

    how come that all the girls in your blog r so beautiful???

  27. Nini says:

    I love the first and second one. Very nice

  28. Princess_S says:

    You have amazing photos! You inspire me to take pictures of random people on the streets! I love fashion and I'm always on the look out for unique fashion sense! <3 well done

  29. Anonymous says:

    the 2nd girl is absolutly stunning… can i be her?!!
    the tights on the first girl i love.
    the last girl is so unbelievably cute!