LONDON – brick lane market, 12/14/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All three of them, amazing shoes.

  2. fabulous fabulous fabulous hat in the first picture.

  3. Thuva-Lisa says:

    The thirst and the last one so cute!

  4. Rita says:

    I’m not too much into what the first girl is wearing, but I’m loving the first guy’s look. It’s great.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hasidic jews are stylish now? hahaha!

  6. Yvan, I gotta say that I love your blog!

  7. bebe says:

    i fell in llove with the second guy, oh my, adore the last one!

  8. Kiz says:

    The guy in the middle looks a lot like the Spanish singer Bunbury (when he was young he had kind of the same hairstyle).

    Amazing pictures and outfits!

  9. I love the first girls outfit, her cape is a real statement! And her black pom pom hat looks so warm!! I think i need to find myself a hat like that.

    You should check out!

    Nicky X

  10. Jack Daniel says:

    it’s as london as it gets.

  11. Hannah Sider says:

    Three incredible photos, I especially love the second outfit.

  12. Picasa says:

    wow the first guy looks like a tyson ritter (a la all american rejects) mixed with johnny depp (a la edward scissorhands and sweeny todd). weird.

  13. Anonymous says:

    it looks like you should have stayed home in bed, pretty hideous.

  14. G. says:

    Andrew from the shangri la!

  15. Wow! 3 great shots…interesting people!

  16. celiola says:

    I’m not too much into what the first girl is wearing, but I’m loving the first guy’s look. It’s great.

  17. That second guy looks like The 8th Doctor (Doctor Who). weirddd.

  18. Aava says:

    this is so precious! I love it. The second guy is miiiiiiiiiiine. The shoes suit him so perfectly. And the first girl looks so adorable! ok the last guy freaks me out abit but the black black black outfit is nice because i LOVE the hat!

  19. MG says:

    I love that second man’s outfit. Great shots.

  20. MG says:

    When I say the second guy, I mean the two middle pictures, lol, sorry for not clarifying.
    x. Mona

  21. Jeraldine says:

    oh my god you are back in London and you have gone and found the most handsome well dressed man I have seen in months! Welcome back Yvan.


  22. Jeraldine says:

    Oh my god you are back in London and have gone and found quite possibly then best man in London (long haired one though I like both). Welcome back!


  23. Majs says:

    The guy on the second and third photo… I’m in love!

  24. Anonymous says:

    the amish kinda look is … i dont get it.

  25. each outfit is brilliant. absolutely amazing.

  26. Rianne says:

    the second guy looks like Rimbaud. (and remember a young dicaprio playing him in Total Eclipse) I’ve always wanted to look like Rimbaud, but unfortunately I’m a girl.

  27. jfkjean says:

    2nd and 3rd photo guy, I’m totally putting my own spin on this look. It’s awesome!!

  28. Alice says:

    Love, that’s so amazing! I totally love his beard. Haha, I’m wierd, I know. kisses

  29. Tainá says:

    Is that Scroobius Pip? ;P

  30. All of them are great, but seriously? The first picture? I just want to BE her.

  31. edith says:

    the last one is just so wow