BANDUNG – the whitest boy alive gig, rri building + black flake, embargo bar, 12/06/08

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  1. Ausrine says:

    I like the hair, I’m not sure about the rest?


  2. EJJA says:

    oww men u go to bandunggg so hawt hawt hawttt

    comebcak to jakarta
    oke oke oke !!!!

  3. EJJA says:

    oww menn
    comebcak to J town
    oke oke okee
    i like the girls with the galdiator
    oww .. you guys need to explore indonesian shit fashion stuff

  4. Aava says:

    is that the same girl in 2 pics? nice shoes in the first pic otherwise i think its time to leave the fake summer behind already and freeze for a change! cant actually wait for eu pics.

  5. Anonymous says:

    same, like the hair but overall they’re kinda plain… almost lame…

  6. Jack Daniel says:

    The dress of that sneaker-girl…funny!

    Never expected Jakarta-girls to dress this way. Haha

  7. says:

    I go on being surprised with the indonesian style!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh gosh… nothing about this appeals.

  10. Aava says:

    yellowmagenta… haha it is a fake summer for us who live up north and r freezing to death and we get to see this paradise we cant get to:( it had nothing to do with seasons or anything significant

  11. Anonymous says:

    ooo aava WTF??? they look nothing alike!

  12. Hyakoukoune says:

    Like the second photo !

  13. TEXTSTYLES says:

    could these ladies be anymore beautiful?


  14. Aava says:

    i was just looking at their legs sorrrry! they have the same knees i think hah!

  15. i really like the striking black patent sandals in the first image! they completely make the outfit!

    great spot!

    Nicky X

  16. sophie says:

    I love the peach dress on the second girl! Not crazy about the sneakers with it, but she still looks great.

  17. Anonymous says:

    the gladiator girl is huut. howrrr

  18. milosundae says:

    really nice to see you that night yvan, and i like your dancing style also. your blog is always makes me curious. cheers!