MELBOURNE – on the street, flinders street station + prahran, 11/05/08

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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    Please forgive me for saying this, but Melbourne has much better fashion to offer than the above girls (please don’t shoot me, no offence to them nor you), several Melbournian bloggers come to mind, as well as people I’d see walking down its streets…

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree with brigadeiro

  3. Anonymous says:

    try degraves street is a little cafe strip in between flinders street and flinders lane.

  4. Hmm. The fashion rocked by these people is allright but not amazing. What I actually find interesting is the thing in the background. The building looks like a church, but the towers look like Minarets from a mosque. So my question to you is: WHAT IS IT?

  5. Yvan anon 2 is right, Degraves is the best for fash hunting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    argh can people stop talking about how melbourne has a better style than this? talk about whingeing much.
    i think the style shown is very melbourne and love it! btw the first girl is wearing alpha 60 shirt (a melbourne label)

  7. Anonymous says:

    OHH wtf are you all on about?
    none of melbournes fashion is displayed well here, yes lihn looks cute but common face hunter we expected better of you
    and definetly we expected more in the personality department, everyone thought you were an arrongant rude prick. so stop whinging about melbourne and go back to sydney (in reference to your bulletin on myspace you posted)
    – you clearly wernt looking hard enuff if that is all you found espicailly the first girl wearing the alpa 60 top which is owned by EVERYONE IN MELBOURNE.

  8. Hyakoukoune says:

    Haha! The coat on the second photo is amazing !

  9. Anonymous says:

    hahahahaha face hunter you have been owned. this is one city that is not going to kiss your feet and fawn over you!

  10. saro says:

    the red socks, something a defintiely is going to copy :O

  11. Since when have Aussies been so damn chic?!

    You have to promise not to decamp permanently to Australia now..

  12. Anonymous says:

    not really a fan of the “garbage bag” look (2nd pic), the third one is alright, and I would definitely wear the t-shirt in the first one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    the first girl’s shirt is amazing!

  14. you only take pictures of girls…(!)

  15. norawoah says:

    I’m loving the tee with the photo screen print, and I usually hate tee shirts.

  16. zut says:

    Backround is always lovely!!!!!!

  17. zut says:

    Backround is always beautiful!You are a great artist!

  18. CW says:

    From one overlooked town to another, do you guys have any examples of these melbourna fashion blogs you keep hyping up so much?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The vampirejewellery looks quite nice, does someone know the brand?

  20. Anonymous says:

    in answer to the teeth question – they are PAM (perks and mini). get your pair at (click ‘get shopping’)!

    and now a question for brigadeiro – who are these said melbournian bloggers? i imagine i would quite like to read their blogs!

    hope you’re enjoying the city, facehunter.

  21. Nicholas says:

    i didn’t get that it was a coat until right now

  22. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me where you can get the river phoenix smoking tee? amazing!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Melbourne is SO much better than this!
    You're not doing Melbourne any justice!… although i must admit, winter is probably a better 'style' time & you also have to factor in the whole exam period thing. During this time, most people are tregging around in sweatpants…

  24. 2nd. Too GOOD to be true.

  25. Anonymous says:

    the background to the 2nd photo is a little church just down from chapel street on malvern road.

    also the 3rd picture is HOT! what a mad chick!

  26. Anonymous says:

    “this is one city that is not going to kiss your feet and fawn over you!”

    ha ha its ok,i will, i think your work is amazing.
    i think you have captured Melbourne fashion as it is.
    monochrome and basic.
    however, something which is not a bad thing.
    I love how you have captured it, the backgrounds are amazing.

  27. Doll legs says:

    I’m in love with the tshirt in first girl.:)

  28. Anonymous says:

    River Phoenix tee can be purchased from a store called Alphaville:

    You can buy the tee as a dress for AUD198 – they have an online store

    I really like the pictures he has captured so far, I just wish there were more – lots more!

    The suggestion of Degraves St/Centreplace is a great reccomendation. I don't think 'outrageous', 'colourful' etc is always the best philosophy to go by – sometimes certain pictures grow on you because of the simplicity.

    I think its a bit rich telling Yvan that he should do a 'better job'. Capturing everyday pedestrians has a lot to do with timing and having multiple sets of eyes. Also consider the fact that he is not an Australian citizen and is unaware of the places to 'wait'/scope out. Cut him some slack guys. This isn't a very good way of making him feel welcome!

    Yvan, I'm advising you to stay in Melbourne for at least another two weeks and immerse yourself in the culture/lifestyle – explore suburbs & other facets of the city, perhaps this will lead you to a few style mavens/kindred spirits!

    Enjoy your time here because soon it will be over!

    Also, I agree with a few previous posters who said that you gave a very apt overview of the 'street style' of Melbourne.

  29. Anonymous says:

    “saro” must be running low on creative inspiration if she/he needs to ‘copy’ red socks. As if this must be the first time anyone has ever worn red socks… my my what a daring fashion statement.

    re: if the pics could be better. Probably. But you’re all probably just jealous it’s not you and your ‘unique’ Melbourne style. Maybe you’ll be ‘face’ spotted next time, kids.

  30. simply.steph says:

    first one is my absolute fave! i love stand by me!

  31. isobel kate. says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. isobel kate. says:

    lynh is looking gorgeous as always! love it x

  33. Anonymous says:

    you have to dig a little harder at melbourne. i moved down last year and just now been feeling the melbourne vibe – which is AMAZING!

    everyone is hibernating, studying and/or hiding away from all the fags from the races.

    sit back and relax – you will find melbourne.

    tip: maybe get off the streets and check out the bars, there’s plenty of happy style snapping to be done there.

    The last two shots are great – i think they en-capture casual ‘everyday’ melbourne. The first one is boring with the same ‘bardot’ leather jacket/ “indie cool” printed T. BEEN DONE TO DEATH

  34. Maxie says:

    what’s with all the haters criticising Yvan for not “capturing” Melbourne’s style…?
    Can someone say “inferiority complex”?
    As a former Melburnian myself, i’m frankly embarassed by all the carrying on.
    Just because Yvan didn’t photograph you, doesn’t mean he “missed” the essence of Melbourne. You and your little cliques do NOT define Melbourne. In fact, as a city that supposedly prides itself on its unique fashion, i’m frankly quite surprised you’d want anything to “define” your city, as if Degraves street is the only place in Melbourne where “fashion” exists.
    These people Yvan photographed were in Melbourne. He liked what he saw. He shot them. He didn’t shoot you. DEAL WITH IT.

  35. A dreamer says:

    hay isn’t that muff or stit in the second picture? from project muff stit.

  36. Etiquette says:

    river phoenix river phoenix! the only thing i reallllly like about this post. the second one is interesting though.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The relentless parochialism on display in the comments is a little galling but, really, the photos from Australia are extraordinarily sub-par compared to most others posted.

    It’s even more irritating knowing that I see much more interesting people walking to and from work every day in Melbourne.

    Having said that, it’s one man’s view of Australia. It’s not yours, or mine. And it sounds like he hasn’t enjoyed Melbourne from all the comments. That probably hasn’t helped the work he’s produced. I agree with maxie that people probably need to get over themselves.

    If you know Melbourne is better than this (and I do), who cares what some idiot with a camera thinks ? It’s his view. If he missed out, it’s his loss. Too bad for Yvan, I say. I don’t need the validation of some style hack with a blog to tell me what I like, and don’t like, about my city.

    It would just have been nice to see something interesting, just for some inspiration like most of the other photos on this blog …

  38. Anonymous says:

    If anything, Degraves is the worst place to go. Unless of course you want to photograph underage scene people. Although I don’t think the photos he has taken shows Melbournes fashion, in a way it does. At the moment Melbourne is going through a stage of black and simple. You can’t except overseas styles in Melbourne.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Yeah people won’t be dressing their best right now, there’s exams going on..

  40. Maxie says:

    “I don’t need the validation of some style hack with a blog to tell me what I like, and don’t like, about my city.”

    Well obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have all come here looking for validation, and you wouldn’t all be here begging Yvan to go “here”, go “there” and to “dig deeper” for what you all say is Melbourne’s true style.

    Smacks of insecurity, really.

  41. g says:

    gosh, i am trying to remember if any other places had so many very negative things to say when face hunter visited them and i can’t.

    perhaps these pics don’t reflect the best melbourne has to offer, but cheer up everyone, we aussies are supposed to be a friendly bunch!

  42. Anonymous says:

    shut up ya wankers

  43. Sarah says:

    to all the people whinging and hating, i am deeply embarassed that people like you are living in my wonderful city of melbourne.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Sarah. I swear we are quite nice folk! This really is embarrassing to read.

    Yvan is doing a fantastic job xx

  45. Anonymous says:

    I live here and love the place, but the comments on this blog really express a lot of small town insecurity. Really embarassed for you kids.. really embarassed.

  46. Melburnians are snobs.

  47. Anonymous says:

    the last girl is too cute!
    but you melbournians really need to get over the myth that melbourne is the fashion capital of australia…who cares?
    just get up, get dressed and get going. if clothes are the highlight of your day, you need to get another hobby! i love you face hunter for simply supplying me with eye candy…it’s not brain surgery!

  48. Grace says:

    i personally am from sydney, but i understand everyones points of view here … i just think we’re all collectively a little defensive because we want our country to look as lovely as possible on a blog that the whole world sees.

    as far as i know, its quite rare that such a famous blogger/photographer comes to our humble shores – so its a rare opportunity and I’m sure we all want to impress…

    but theres no need for nastiness. I’m sure anyone with any intelligence would not “judge” our whole country based on these few pictures, and also that these are the only stylish people in our country.

  49. Anonymous says:

    more of lynh

  50. Nicole says:

    i have the the alpha 60 shirt but i wasnt too happy about it? the sold it for coose to $200. Ksubi (available at general pants) has a much awesomer baby with ciggarette shirt. with ciggarette holes and cream stains.

  51. Nicole says:

    im not happy with the melbourners here either. try at fitzroy next time, crowd near the vintage stores are always promising.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Lynh’s a hottie!

  53. anna says:

    i think you should come to the city on monday and take photos of me :)

  54. rg says:

    number 2 is spectacular and sensible. not typical like number 3’s jeans, t-shirt and nice smile.

    great find.

  55. Nancy Magoo says:

    I love that River Phoenix tee. Eek! I must find one. Stand By Me is one of my favourites. The girl at the bottom is adorable.

  56. Sanne says:

    Nothnig I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

  57. Heaven says:

    Reading this makes my denisiocs easier than taking candy from a baby.