MELBOURNE – house warming party in fitzroy + cbd, 11/15/08

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  1. izzydore says:

    it’s petrova hammond!

  2. the woman with red hair is quite inspiring.

  3. Anonymous says:

    2nd one is Patrova!!! She was so inspiring on project runway!

  4. help! says:


  5. pshlover says:

    i love patrova!
    her style is so brilliant!
    I want to own one of her designs!

  6. Anonymous says:

    OMG petrova
    her collection in the finale of project runway was AMAZING

  7. Rita says:

    The color combination from the second girl is quite brilliant.

  8. Anonymous says:

    petrova! shes such doll!
    amazing girls, but could we have more boys please? :)

  9. schien says:

    PETROVA!!!! loveeee her designs!
    btw, this morning, i was wondering if you are going to take any photos of any melbournian designers since there are lots of quirky designers out there. lol.

  10. xladyxleahx says:

    love the 2nd outfit!

  11. Brigadeiro says:

    I didn’t get to watch Project Runway :( But I love the outfit Petrova’s wearing! Gorgeous!

  12. BELLA-STYLE says:

    NICE BLOG!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  13. saro says:

    oh, the dress the girl on the second photo is wearing, delicious <3

  14. sandra says:

    what is up with the thing picture number three is wearing? It’s such an unflattering outfit and photo.

  15. the first 2 are ok, but I am definitely NOT digging the last shot.

  16. A Rose says:

    I love that first one!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    no NOW melbourne decides to come out and play! Yvan, your last three posts have been most inspiring, hope you stay in melbourne a little longer!

  18. i like the 2nd outfit.
    the fuschia tights!

  19. Daughter says:

    Isn’t the second one that girl who was on Project Runway Australia??

  20. *Shirley* says:

    I Love the Last girl!! such an amazing outfit!! :)

  21. Tiphaine says:

    Congratulations for your blog, I really like it, I’ve just created my own, so if you want have a walk in it:
    Have a great day:)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Petrova is amazing… loved her on project runway…

  23. Amelia says:

    Oh it is Petrova, she’s wonderful, I want to visit her little shop someday, and have a nice cup of tea.

  24. SOS! says:

    2nd picture.. outfit is fucking amazing!!

  25. Lina says:

    Nice Blog

  26. Anonymous says:

    the last girl looks wonderful – modern tropical goddess!

  27. the second one is so cute.

  28. Diana says:

    i´ve been to fitzroy :) lovely picks from melb you´ve got here

  29. Kaka Bubu says:

    I just died when I looked at the second pic – that girl is amazing! I want her clothes! Immediately :-D))