MELBOURNE – colourful sunday, vintage fair at carlton club + madame brussels, 11/09/08

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  1. Stunning! And less black then the other ones :)
    Especially like the 2nd photo.

  2. tishy says:

    first lady….you’re so gorgeous!! all of u look fab…melbourne represent! Ivan, i wish i knew where u were going to be each day….i’ve been praying to bump into you!! :(

    keep up the good work, still so excited that your in melbourne!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the first girl’s hair. Looks like she just rolled out of the house with it. And mini sheer poncho? Is that what I’m looking at? God she makes it look cute though. Am also falling in love with mini scarves tied around the neck. Suprisingly fabulous for summer. Love it! x

  4. ah that girls belt (in the first image) is absolutely stunning! and what a devilish smile she sports aswell!
    all in all a lovely photo. are you stopping at any other cities in Australia?

  5. tea for two says:

    u are illuminating all this beauty that exists in melb! and its great :) i think youve encapsulated some of the best of what ive seen in nineteen years in this city in a few days.

  6. Imelda Matt says:

    DULL….dude, you need to dig a little deeper and look for the real style not a bunch of web savvy try-hards. Australia’s style is rockn’ but it would seem your ‘minders’ aren’t pointing you in the right direction…shame!

  7. margaret says:

    the weather was so nice today:)
    the melbourne photos so far have been great, hoping you enjoy the rest of your stay here !

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    ooh i recognise the capelet in the first picture! it is usually attached to a dress,from kinki gerlinki :3
    i agree..ivan you can probably do better than this in terms of face hunting!
    MELBOURNE IS #1!!!

  10. anna says:

    the first photo is really good, makes me happy.

  11. Señora Tuca says:

    I think I’m beautiful..

  12. Sunset says:

    LOVE that third girl’s dress. These are all great captures.

  13. Bellarmine says:

    Last pic —-> Agyness wannabe! :)

  14. in the city says:

    i love the second one !

  15. Miabella says:

    love the third dress…so simple.

  16. Enelacharlie says:

    pas mal les look australien !!
    comme quoi. c’est peut-être ceux qui en parlent le moins qui se look le plus. Bon n’en disons pas trop quand même :-)

  17. ciara says:

    I really like the tiered dress that the 3rd girl is wearing. It’s so simple but so chic. Her sandals are adorable too, I’m ridiculously jealous that Australia is hot enough not to have to wear thick tights and boots!

  18. JamieDOTBall says:

    aus looks so fresh i love it. the top photo is severely cute. nice work yvan!

  19. These ladies are all so cute! Nice work

  20. Anonymous says:

    is the last guy devon soltendiek from muchmusic canada

  21. Rhys says:

    Yesterday was such a hot sunny day in melbourne, it definately called for fresh colours.
    Love the way the sun is shining through the girls blowing hair in the first pic,
    Well done Yvan, you’ve perfectly captured the essence of the day in 1 photo!


  22. fear.guftta says:

    first one looks like a feisty one in bed. Oh, and I guess she has some nice clothes on too…

  23. Anonymous says:

    it got a lot more melbs when u got to the city i reckon

    hit up degraves and more laneways where the street art is.

  24. great picture.. i love them all.

  25. Anonymous says:

    OUI! Degraves Street just across from Flinders Street Station is a must , then follow on through to Centre place, keep going and you’ll get to Collins St. Try our arcades too. On Collins there is one next to Wittner shoes, called Block Arcade. The mosaic tile floors there are the biggest in, either the southern hemisphere..or the whole world… xxxx xx happy hunting!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The first and last girls looks great and the rest are boring. I am surprised you didn’t find any more interesting folk out and about on your trip to Melbourne. There are plenty.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I find these continual comments about not finding the ‘real’ or ‘interesting’ melbourne, increasingly hard to take… can people not understand that the photos are ‘a’ moment captured in time, not an definitive idea of what melbourne fashion is. its not a competition to out-style other cities, and in this ‘style’ self consciousness it all points towards an insecurity that stems from being an isolated country, and a europhile town desperate to enter into the fabled fashion capital ‘london, paris, milan, new york – melbourne?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I like the first and last only. Don’t like the second one.

  29. Shoegal says:

    Love the mini poncho in the first picture, quite stylish lady! Love the pictures, congrats!!

  30. xssat says:

    Some wonderful finds in Melbourne! I’m really looking forward to seeing and photographing some Melbournites when I visit in a few months.

  31. Gabby says:

    dear second photo: i love you. the end.

  32. Rentrez a Sydney s’il vous plait :)
    !! Vite vite. x

  33. Brigadeiro says:

    Colour! In Melbourne! Sacre bleu! Love these looks.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Clara its probably because its the end of spring.. its pratically summer; in winter tights and boots are needed.. atleast in the southern parts of Australia.

  35. Black Poppy says:

    Sweety tu ne peux t’empêcher de photographier les jolies filles. Charmeur.

  36. I’m probably just repeating what everyone else is saying, but I LOVE the first pic, her red lips, the scarf and the AMAZING back light. Very moving. Very wonderful. What a minx!

    PS If anyone has any style advice for me I would appreciate it on my blog :)

  37. Shaina says:

    London people have such creative style! I love the spotted leopard leggings the first girl is sporting! :)

  38. HEK says:

    All photos here looks fab! Especially like the first one, she is smashing, and the sunshine behind her makes the photo stunning!

  39. kate jean says:

    ooh! that’s anne marie isn’t it? first pic. i got somewhat boozed last wed night and ended up with a camera half full of pics of her haha!!

  40. I don’t know if it’s a belt or the embellishment on the dress, but it’s gorgeous in that first picture!

  41. Anonymous says:

    the second girl is AMAZING. I dont understand why people have to be negative of people anyway. its only clothes.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hi there!
    Like your work!
    I would love to do an intern in Sydney, I’m learning to be a photographer at the moment. But I couldn’t find some great photographers. Do you maybe have got some names for me?
    Muriel (

  43. Anonymous says:

    One of the things I love about this site is that not only do you see some beautiful clothes, but you also get to look at some hot people.