JAKARTA – beat fest (the whitest boy alive & steve aoki), bengkel night park, 11/29/08

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  1. simply.steph says:

    ladies of jakarta have style, and a great set of legs

  2. that white dress is perfection.

  3. Marsjä says:

    Oh my God finally! You’ve done a great job! See, they dressed up amazingly. Oh how I wish I were in Jakarta last night. Next stop, Seattle please..

  4. Nadhira says:

    Ooh, I was there! But I have to say, there were a lot more well dressed ladies there. Not that your picks weren’t great.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh definitly BETTER than Sporean (oopss, sorry!!!). I want to see more pics, can’t wait. Can you take some photos of non too funky street style ones? GREAT :)

  6. Brigadeiro says:

    Wow, who said Jakarta didn’t have style? They certainly do here! ;)

  7. Rita says:

    Wow, the first girl is soo beautiful! Amazing skin.

  8. Hyakoukoune says:

    1, 3 & 5 are beautiful !!

  9. Anonymous says:

    So refreshing to some beautiful girls wearing something besides monochrome.

  10. Karina says:

    AMAZING!! i love jakarta ladies, their sense of style is innate and they are so beautiful.

  11. sugarxnspice says:

    Oh these are wonderful!
    I love 1, 3 & 5.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Magnificent colours.

  13. I really love those colourful pics!!


  14. Anonymous says:

    first picture,the best.

    yeah,we indonesians do have beautiful skin :p

  15. jakarta girls are well styled, I’m surprised. Well done!!!

    Hail Facehunter!!!!

  16. Nemerae says:

    Woooww, I love the first one!! (L)(L) and also the second, so cute =)

  17. novy E says:

    i was sooo close to be there. hix.

  18. Anonymous says:

    woooohooo jakarta gets international exposure… represent

  19. Anonymous says:

    gooo indooo…. you pull it better that the pep in sg. they’re trying to dress european with the heat when what they should do is be grateful with the heat and wear a lot of dresses like you girls! this photos is the best out of the bunch you took from asia :) make me wanna go to jakarta

  20. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know who makes the necklace that the girl in the black and white stripes is wearing? It’s amazing!

  21. beautiful shots…bravo again:)
    the pink dress is really cool!

  22. saro says:

    Oh, very nice. :D

  23. Anonymous says:

    amazing no. 3 – beautiful shots and colours all round!

  24. Anonymous says:

    i think the necklace is from Vice and Vanity, a label from singapore. sadly, that brand copies a lot from an australian jewellery designer, Elke Kramer

  25. I love your blog. It’s always filled with pretty pictures! wonderful pic :)

  26. Aava says:

    the first one is cool!
    but oh no i cant stand that second girl because of her finger pose:S otherwise nice post. the black heels in the 3rd pic r great!

  27. Mad Hatter says:

    these ladies beautiful !! nice photos

  28. Silje says:

    wow, beautiful legs! and adorable shoes on, the 1st picture.

  29. Bedlam says:

    whooo weeeee!!!!! I dont know how i got here but, baby baby baby these ladies look good. Whats this comment on photo blog. BEDLAM HERE and Im commenting, photographer slow that shutter down, get some background light there (critic bedlam shut up) AINT!!! These ladies look good !!!! lovely legs and all. YOU KNOW. BEDLAM like this blog. slim in the orange and yellow dress look like bedlam’s wife (honey is that you, oh shes in the back room), got to go,


  30. Dooder City says:

    I just came across your blog! It’s great:) Nice photos.

  31. jen says:

    yes people, i’m with you. no. 1 is gorgeous and her legs are lovely, but why oh why has she chosen to encase them in 10 denier tights? you just know she’s got that old lady in american tans thing going on with her peep toe shoes. ugh.

  32. dayna says:

    the last girl in purple… I love her bag.


  33. ada says:

    wow! super cool outfits :) mostly the first and third!!! and the first girl looks like olga from new james bond ;P

  34. Nicky says:

    The second and the third photo’s are my favourite. i love the way you’ve played with the second girls dress to really play with the image! she looks so cute! I love the third girls striking gladiators with that kimono style dress, you have to have confidence for that outfit!

    Great finds a photographs, i want their gorgeous tans!

    Nicky X

  35. Jack Daniel says:

    Never knew that Indonesian’s could be stylish.

  36. Anonymous says:

    wow….the first gerl…she got style…

    luv the whole outfit..

    nice caption Yvan..
    keep it up..

    can u kindly capture some guys in style too..

  37. Eric Satie says:

    while wearing a hat in the middle of the night is completely redundant, the first girl is love!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Just my 2cents worth: Don't think Vice & Vanity copies from Elke Kramer. They may look similar but Vice & Vanity are hardly copies in any way.

  39. CHRISELLE says:

    jakarta ladies. love em!

    love the hipster look.


  40. from what I’ve seen here, the style in jakarta is so refreshing. its very different from the usual monotone or all black with few pops of coulour and the formulas that people you usually take pics of seem to know.
    i agree with all these commentators,,there is something here that is different from what we see in europe. same kinds of clothes,,just worn very differently and with a spirt and energy that is distinguishable.

  41. Sillywabbit says:

    hi people…
    yes, i’m using vice and vanity necklace… check on my blog to read about the brand http://www.ezranatalia.blogspot.com or you can check it directly at http://www.coolhunting.com/archives/2008/10/vice_and_vanity.php

    where were you?
    i wish i could take a picture with you..hahaha
    so its nice to finally know that we are recognized :)

  43. yo boy. nice post…like the black zara shoes from the 2nd girl….check my blog..see you soon on the dancefloor dude

  44. Kat says:

    i love the flower shaped dress dress
    you are a genious
    i wish i had your job

  45. the first lady…she’s my friend…and its true that SHE’S REALLY GORGEOUS and SMART..!

  46. the first lady, she’s my friend…and its trus that she’s really GORGEOUS..and also SMART..!

  47. Prety Woelan says:

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