NYC – fashion week ss09 day 6, 09/10/08

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  1. Oooo. love the orange on the first one and the last photo of the…twins (?). ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    love the 3rd one. Everyone looks better with a smile on their face :)

  3. ikechukwu says:

    your coverage is going from strength to strength. Some real characters you’ve captured here with very eccentric styles a la the chap in picture 2. Love his cardigan…nice

    I do like the slightly mature take on fashion seen in the women in picture 5. The absence of close-fit is a good thing when your inundated with skinny jeans here and there. Her blue paisley patterned shirt reminds me of the Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes.

    nice shots…

  4. Anonymous says:

    o m g . . .those cartoon rompers are all the rage . . .wow, Priestess NYC rules!

  5. laabigna says:

    the guy in the second picture is funky!

    I like!

  6. MRFASHION09 says:

    the woman 2nd to last
    wearing stella mccartney is
    weird looking i dont think the
    baggy clothes do justice

  7. Lady in orange looks gorgeous…such a great shot. Love the twiny twins too.


  8. Dandelion says:

    #3, that’s suchin pak!

  9. La Clocharde says:

    I love number one…the colours, her hair, the bag…
    Perfect and original.

  10. loving the orange coat….

  11. Nina says:

    love the orange coat in the 1st photo.

  12. ultimatum says:

    The two girls looking the same way image is captivating. Love it.

  13. me says:

    The girl in the third picture looks like she just came from church or something. so innocent like. I love the fourth guys hair in contrast to his complexion. It works with the pants too. The third lady…huh? She looks like my second grade teacher who was straight outta Alabama.

  14. me says:

    Oh, my bad, I mean the fifth lady looks like my second grade teacher.

  15. Olviya says:

    1-ые pict – good dress (or trench?). anyway it seems like vintage. it has good color – deep, not-really-summer-but-can-be-autumn.

  16. D.Perfecta says:

    I choose the 1st one.

  17. J’adore et je veux ce manteau de la première femme!

  18. So Yun Um says:

    OoOoO! you saw su-chin, that vj from mtv news (3rd pic). awesome awesome. and yes, the twin shot is incredible..

  19. says:

    I want to go to NY
    great shots FaceHunter

  20. Anonymous says:

    suchin pak is so cute

  21. i really like the first outfit…it looks amazing,i like the orange on that coat and the chanel bag:)

  22. that orange coat… that orange coat… pas des mots pour ça

  23. K says:

    I think lady nr 1 is the blogger Hanne Mustaparta or something, from Norway! she has a blogs on

  24. sara says:

    the guy rocking the fade was also at the new york couture fashion show and party later that night with three others. i felt like i was lost in the 80s. too cool.

  25. Anonymous says:

    the 4th picture… the guy is so stunning! marrrry me?

  26. Anonymous says:

    black people are having all the fun

  27. Anonymous says:

    suchin pak!

  28. Anonymous says:

    si viera al 2do en la calle me asustaria o_O

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love the orange thingy (what to call it) on in pic number 1. Her name is Hanneli Mustaparta, her style is impeccable and innovative always.

  30. Anonymous says:

    and Hanneli (on the first picture) is a model at – under the category women and fashion models.. No wonder she has great style.

  31. NNS PRMT says:

    yes dandelion! thats suchin pak
    yaaaa shes cute

  32. Anonymous says:

    i want to be the 2nd ones best friend, he is amazingly cool

  33. Cammie says:

    With all these silly weistbes, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

  34. It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly

  35. That’s really shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.