LONDON – cheshire street, 09/22/08

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  1. Edwin says:

    this is how to make cheap look expensive

  2. La Clocharde says:

    Love it.

    And that bag is so nice…I’ve been for one like that for a long time. Haven’t found the perfect one yet.

  3. Nina says:

    oooh the skirt is perfect!

  4. cfraisrudy says:

    So nice ! Perfect look with Doc Martens and vintage brown bag

  5. Love the bag and the shoes! Not so crazy about the skirt though.

  6. Laura M. says:

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  7. NNS PRMT says:

    Lovvvvve her bag

  8. Merle says:

    This is the sort of look I 100% identify with. The contradictory themes of feminine-masculine, dressy-casual all fuse together so well. I also notice her attitude, I want to be (~dress) like her. Yes