EMMABODA – emmaboda festivalen: day 2, 08/01/08

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  1. Fe Li says:

    Hi Yvan, Hi everybody.
    Um auch mal meinen Senf dazuzugeben, ich finde die SternenSonnenbrille chic. Gestern ein kleines Mädchen mit HerzSonnenbrille in Blau gesehenund mich gefragt: gibts das eigentlich auch in Erwachsenenegröße und welcher Typ Frau würde die dann wohl tragen…. hier also nun promt Antwort bekommen. Vielen Dank sagt das Stadtkind aka FeLi

    Hi Yvan, hi everybody,
    I like the sunglasses looking like stars. Yesterday i`ve seen a cute little girl with heart-sunglases. I wonder if they are to buy in size for adults, too. and i wonder which kind of woman would wear this glases. Now i`ve found the answer in this blog. Thank you so much.

  2. willow says:

    The first girl had quite an original outfit. I’m all about the girl in the fourth photo, though. Everything about that outfit is lovely, including the accessories, those Wayfarers suit her so well.

  3. alexandra says:

    hummm, whaouuuu … so cute, so cool, so sexy … <<<3

  4. Ben Newell says:

    I want to marry the fifth girl, in yellow.

    Who/where is she?

  5. MRFASHION09 says:

    these shots were amazing
    i loved the 1st 2 1s she looks
    so cute

  6. Petite C says:

    the first girl is very cute

  7. Diego says:

    Third guy has a lot of style. Amazing picture, my favorite of the bunch

  8. Megan says:

    Love this set! The jungle forest backdrop is incredible. The first picture is amazing.

  9. rozi says:

    I love the first gal’s shoes. If I could find shoes like that I would live in them, even sleep in them! Anyone know where I could get some similar ones?

  10. Nina says:

    The last girl is kinda cute.

  11. Emma says:

    the first girl is stunning, i am in LOVE with her boots

  12. Anonymous says:

    the girl in yellow looks so lovely and fresh…the first is a wannabe model, posing it up, but still she’s looking alright.

  13. Laura says:

    I want want want the first girl’s cape!

  14. Tali says:

    is the girl with the red bob amy winehouse? because the face looks alot like her.

  15. Maeva says:

    Love the look of the last girl, pretty glasses !

  16. Shelly says:

    How darn gorgeousis the first girl in the yellow dress?! superduperCUTE!!