SAO PAULO – fashion week ss09, 06/18/08

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  1. MHBass says:

    that last girl is great – i love the unexpected pairing of nude pink with metallic gold. and that feather headpiece is the cherry on top!

  2. Adiel says:

    I’m loving #2, #3 and #5!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Oh, the outfit of the last girl is gorgeous!

  5. você esteve aquiiiiii????!!!!! Que legal. Very,very nice.

  6. Nesrine says:

    Un bref petit passage sur le magazine ELLE, j’ai été agréablement surprise.
    Bonne continuation.
    Bisous =)

  7. eeyore says:

    ah those crazy paulista fashionistas!

  8. valber says:

    i bet ure gonna do ur best shots ever!!! ppl here are so fasion addicted. have a nice stay, dude.

  9. wonderful outfit !


  10. Anonymous says:

    2 – i want that voluminous dress!
    4 – has really great hair.

  11. Nicola says:

    Sao Paulo has a style in itself. I love Brazil in general!!
    #2 – so cute

  12. christina says:

    the photos are well shot, and I’m seriously in love with all of the outfits. Seriously inspired. ♥

  13. love this second one

  14. Dapper Kid says:

    The second and last girl are amazing!! That head piece is super!

  15. fredrik says:

    the placement of the fourth girl is perfect! cant believe anyone didnt comment that? :S

  16. Moon says:

    that dress in #2 — I want that.

  17. Love the ring on the last one…pretty pretty.


  18. Erica says:

    Great fashion and photography, as always! visit my blog?

  19. Sarah says:

    I love the second girl and her dress almost as much! :)

  20. Ge says:

    adorei a foto..bjs

  21. Anne-Sofie says:

    I absolutely LOVE the girl on pic no. 2. Her dress is so amazing, and she is just beautiful.