SAO PAULO – fashion week ss09, 06/17/08

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    The last boys jacket was very pleasant!

  3. MHBass says:

    loving the red tights with those perfect shoes, and the green jacket on that last guy.

  4. i’m in love with the green guy

  5. Oh, I love SAO PAULO! I love your blog!

  6. Aline says:

    oh why you didn’t come do fashion Rio too?ahahah

  7. Anonymous says:

    The last boy’s jacket was very pleasant, but he’s horrible!

  8. Leila says:

    oh how cute is the first guy ? Like a spanish torero …

  9. red tights!!!! red tights!!!!

  10. Dj Dog says:

    n.1 Musa Yaya!

  11. Anonymous says:

    #1 gorgeous

  12. Anonymous says:

    first and last.

  13. Guto says:

    i’m in love with the blondie girl

  14. Bob says:

    first, she´s drop dead Gorgeous!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I want that COAT….!!! I can’t find one anywhere!

  16. Ahhh..the patent leather oxfords!

  17. PLATFORM says:

    Ooo…last boy resembles sexy French actor, Louis Garrel (most notable from The Dreamers)

  18. polo says:

    I like the first picture, its really cool.

    Also the show is great hahha

  19. Anonymous says:

    The last guy is not horrible and what a cruel thing to say.

    He looks lovely and the green suits him- i would hate to have such an awful negative attitude-

    the fit is good and it’s playful!

    He’s v.cute too!

  20. ruta says:

    it is nice but i miss brazilian NATURAL eroticism…except yaya! she is as fabulous as a true brazilian city girl is!BUT THE OTHERS ARE SOMEHOW NOT IN THE MOOD!hiding their characters, personalities , trying to be mysterious or whatever.well, it’s ok ..but i know that brazilians can do more!
    maybe it’s because of the winter? even in winter…

  21. christina says:

    the fourth photo’s red tights are amazing on the eyes!

  22. Lily says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Lily says:

    I have to agree, Green Coat boy is a cutie!

  24. rocka dolci says:

    well, well…I’m from Sao Paulo and I simply LOVE SPFW!
    Winter is not a problem ’cause we have the greatest stylist:
    Alexandre Herchcovitch, baby!
    (I have to say I’m in love with him since 1992…haha)

    and the last boy is really really cutie *-*

  25. Anonymous says:

    Those shoes with the red tights…anyone know where I can get something similar. They are amazing!
    Green coat boy IS cute, are you blind?

  26. paulo says:

    n 1
    this is fantastic!!
    beautiful girl!!
    beautiful photo!!

  27. tati says:

    Cool shot! Gorgeou girl!

  28. tati says:

    first!! Cool shot! Gorgeous girl!

  29. john says:

    Lovely Yaya! Love the effect!

  30. jo says:

    here there is nothing else to say but WOW!!! SHE´S SO GORGEOUS!!! nr 1!!!

  31. mitiko says:

    1! wonderful girl! wonderful night photo!

  32. sophie says:

    1,très jolie cette lumière sur les cheveux !

  33. fritz says:

    love the light caught in her hair, good expression too, n 1.

  34. lrsn_km says:

    1… ahah… you are really good in the portrait photo. I like how the light reflected from her hair…drop dead gorgeous!

  35. herman says:

    Beautiful woman n.1!
    You have captured brilliantly this “moment in time”.

  36. im GREEN with envy! that coat on the last boi!

  37. Paul says:

    one beautiful model and a great background.

  38. missccherry says:

    adoooro a nr 1, Yayá linda, arrasando no charme, na beleza, na vinheta do spfw, no modelo!

  39. ♥1!fabulous girl!

  40. wxu says:

    DIVINA YAYA!! a numero 1!!

  41. mikael says:

    wow that’s amazing play with lights !
    i have to say taht a big plus is of a pict is simple beauty of model !
    amazing pict ! =D

  42. bia says:

    1! linda foto da nossa querida pintora Yayá!

  43. tony says:

    1,very cool shot.
    wonderful beautiful face!

  44. rock says:

    N. 1!!!
    Dj Yaya Pagh!!!

  45. carlos says:

    love this!!
    the most I like the emotions on her face!!
    wondering what she’s thinking about – great capture!!

  46. Felipe says:

    Wow! n 1 she’s REALLY cute!

  47. carl says:

    1. I love how you capture such candid expression. Lovely Yaya.

  48. gio says:

    #1….Very cool girl, warm shot! I like her natural pose and expression.

  49. moving says:

    a número 1 Yaya Pagh!
    a rainha da noite do Brasil!

  50. sah says:

    1, she is lovely, a nice photo.

  51. +1!
    She is charming! Very nice portrait: casual and spontaneous!

  52. Red says:

    1…i’m in love with the platinum girl!

  53. crystalheart says:

    #1! beautiful capture, she has a wonderful expression!

  54. kimfreedom says:


    I like her expression, she seems shy…very sweet capture. The lighting is beautiful and the focus is great!

  55. babyliss says:

    beautiful woman!

  56. suspicious says:


  57. Kaka says:

    n 1. Lovely ‘in the moment’ expression.

  58. benefit says:

    #1 danish girl: i love it!

  59. Bob says:

    her face is so expressive and detailed and you’ve captured that wonderfully, congrats on this fabulous photo. 1.

  60. Marcela says:

    Just an innocent window to the real. Beautiful girl!

  61. G says:

    wow she’s perfect, 1!

  62. caiohansen says:

    Yayá! Yayá! nr 1! vi painel, vinhetas dela no SPFW! chique e linda! Yayá she is as fabulous as a true brazilian city girl is!

  63. paul says:

    What a beautiful portrait of this gorgeous lady! Love the light too.

  64. gefionn says:

    1, I like it how the light plays with the colour of Yaya’s hair. Very beautiful, captivating charming eyes.

  65. jacob says:


    what can i already say that has not been said above? the light falling on her face is lovely, as is the stylish hair and charming, beautiful eyes.

  66. adam says:


    Love this portrait. The girl, colors, the balance, the light, all work together to make this work…congratulations!

  67. gaspar says:

    Oh, I love your blog!
    Oh, I love SAO PAULO!
    Oh, I love SAO PAULO Fashion Week!
    Oh, I love YAYA, 1!

  68. giusepe says:

    1! What a wonderful girl!

  69. ffreyja says:

    n 1, coolll photo!
    wonderful girl!

  70. peter says:

    First that I nitices -¤1, her blond hair and how they fits to her, then eyes and eyeshadows. Very lovely model and good photographer!

  71. teo says:

    1,dj yaya!

  72. otis says:

    1….what a lovely portrait…. i like the directness and clarity of her face against the dreamy background

  73. Anton says:

    beautiful girl 1, expression, colours, clima & photo,cheers!

  74. alex says:

    #1 Gorgeous girl!!!!
    Great portraits!!!! Love the movement:)

  75. rene says:

    A Girl! very beautiful and expressive

  76. mayr says:

    nr 1

    this is a great natural portrait of a beautiful girl- really lovely.

  77. heinz says:

    Perfect photo of a perfect girl!

  78. jo says:

    wow, she’s really skinny

  79. lu says:

    ░1, charming girl, loved her dress

  80. donna says:

    She’s a star, 1!

  81. Pat says:

    beautiful Yaya, 1!
    this is a great natural portrait – really lovely, cheers.

  82. john says:

    Lovely ‘in the moment’ expression.

    Lovely girl!


  83. rebecca says:

    1! gorgeous Yaya!
    she´s our danish/brazilian platinum girl…
    everything she does has an edge to it…that’s why we love Yaya!

  84. Anonymous says:

    green guy sucks

  85. Sofia. says:

    quirky and holidayesque pictures. i love that last one, and the girl in the pencil skirt.

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Anonymous says:

    Nice pictures as usual.

    As usual when you put a picture of the first girl she comes in here and writes all the comments. Ridicolous.

    All the profiles saying she’s cool are fake and created yesterday. Check that out.

    All the other pictures are super cute!

  88. Anonymous says:

    my god, what is this? Loads of comments on how beautiful the girl in the first picture is…i mean look at her closely, she’s quite UGLY

  89. diana says:

    lovely portrait…
    stunning woman nr 1!

  90. ana luisa says:

    Cool 1!! Very charming look on the lovely young woman.

  91. cornelio says:

    meravigliosa Yaya Pagh!

  92. afranio says:

    beautiful, sensual portrait!
    love the expression on her face!

  93. anton says:

    Yayá–>1! she´s fantastic.
    you could catch her beauty, so softly, its beautiful photography of a beautiful and enigmatic lady.

  94. f_scarpa says:

    this could very well be a scandinavian film, it has similar depth and grain, very classy, awesome shot!1!

  95. P says:

    Yayaaaaaaaaa Paghhhhhhhh!!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    1, j’aime beaucoup !

  97. katzford says:


  98. Caio says:

    Yayá! graceful and intelligent young lady, 1.

  99. bruno says:

    the first is very good portrait, she looks fragile! good expression captured!

  100. xtricnin says:

    1, very nice shot, it feels like she has just breath to say something nice and sexy.

  101. claudia says:

    she looks beautiful! i’m impressed! 1

  102. mel says:

    definitely the face of an artist, a lovely compelling portrait, n 1.

  103. Anonymous says:


  104. mikael says:

    the first girl looks like on of our scandinavian goddesses!

  105. Tiago says:

    i like # 1 because she’s shining!

  106. Liv says:

    1….a lovely portrait, i like her somewhat reluctant smile…. the lighting on her face, hair and coat is excellent.
    what i absolutely love about your portrait images is that they all have a special atmosphere and they
    wonderfully reflect the moment and place they were taken in.

  107. Anonymous says:

    the green coat guy is so ugly

  108. the green coat guy is a hottie!
    and i wish i had that coat for myself!

  109. Anonymous says:

    I love that green coat, and how cute is he?

  110. fridman says:

    i love nr 1, she shows so much personalitiy in this picture, she´s fantastic, i like her expression!

  111. lu says:

    1, this is such a strong portrait! beautiful woman!

  112. blanche says:

    lovely first pic, lovely girl… a quiet elegance.

  113. sonia says:

    1,Yaya! linda como sempre chique!

  114. diniz_sp_br says:

    #1!Yaya, She moves like she don’t care, smooth as silk, cool as air…

  115. anhaia says:

    first shot, great portrait, i find her expression so beautiful, you’re a soul catcher!

  116. 3. I want to wear that!

  117. martin says:

    Yaya blonde bombshell, 1!

  118. Anonymous says:


  119. Anonymous says:

    the last boy is HOT

  120. DiGertsi says:

    Didn’t anyone notice that coat of the guy in the green coat is a ladies coat?

  121. bohobum says:

    I’m so in love with the man in the green coat