LONDON – istituto marangoni graduate show, old billingsgate market, 06/02/08

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  1. pic number one!
    she reminds me of scarlett johansson…

  2. iview says:

    1. is really beautifull! ..and I like the dress of 3…

  3. Anonymous says:

    these people really take it to the next level!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Susue Bubble is adorable on this picture.

    Love her

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. MHBass says:

    the dress in the first picture is a work of art. and i’m feeling inspired by the chunky but sparsely strung beads in the guy’s outfit – they remind me of this oversized wooden rosary i had as a child. wonder if i can still dig it out….

  7. bi-style says:

    I like the dress of 1 and the style of 3.
    Your blog is really fantastic, I love it.

  8. cultprairie says:

    amazing entry! (:

  9. Nice pictures, i like the last one.

  10. mmmmm the last photo is eerrrrrry and I like it:)

    (LA street style)

  11. Rachie-Pie says:

    picture number 2…she looks perfecttt!!

  12. the pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!

  13. i absolutely adore the first and second picture! love both outfits to death!

  14. Vicky says:

    I like your shoots… nice^^

  15. Anonymous says:

    a boy in beads!!! :D

  16. Elisabeth says:

    The second girl and the last girl are <3 <3

  17. la femme says:

    last one is dreamy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    God. Wow. I actually can’t fault any of those :0 Err at push maybe the first girl she shouldn’t of tied her hair back with that beautiful dress. All the outfits have such great shape and structure. I love them, nice work. xx

  19. Anonymous says:

    GIrl in the first picture! Lucy?! I can’t believe it! Last time a saw you was 4 years ago!

  20. Very nice pics… I love them all..

  21. some yummy images.great great style all round xx

  22. good collection… i liked it…. :)