STOCKHOLM – flower time in södermalm, 05/26/08

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  1. jennifer. says:

    Oh, how cute we swedish people can be! :)
    I like the first girl most! :)

  2. Miss. says:

    Wow this is great!
    Love your blog :)

  3. Jennifer: you’re sooooo damn right!
    i so would like to find a job there and be able to absorb a little tiny bit of your great sense of style! sweden pics are always the best!

  4. love yellow for spring! so refreshing! great pants

  5. Hypermodern and chic pix. Thx. Definitely adding you to my blog roll.

  6. elins says:

    are you heading for the south of sweden this week, by visiting siesta, a musicfestival? (:

  7. PoIsOn MaRy says:

    that floral skirt is nice

  8. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE your blog but why do you mostly stay in söder when you’re in stockholm? i live here and there are other areas that ooze with style! you should wander the next time around.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I do love Swedes, but after a while all these beautiful, well-dressed but rather restrained and conservative Swedes get a bit bland and I start to crave the DYNAMISM of London, Paris, or Mexico City, I guess…

    Also, has FaceHunter ever gone stateside? I hear NY, Boston, Chicago, and San Fransisco calling :D Keep up the great work anyway

  10. great colour for a mastard trousers!!!


  11. Mago says:

    both extremely beautiful!
    i’m in love with those pants
    super good job as always.

  12. awwww the french roll on the mustard pants is devine:)

    (LA street style)

  13. Oh, I really like the first picture especially!

  14. Shakespere says:

    Great idea for a blog. I enjoyed looking and reading.

  15. Sofia. says:

    Oh my god. The first picture is so so so gorgeous!

  16. Elisabeth says:

    Yellow trousers = woot!

  17. HIMANSHU says:

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  18. Veronica says:

    Are these just people walking around in the street? thats awesome, the fashion in other countries is so drastically different than in america…i wanna move.. ;)

  19. I don’t have much to say about the outfits as such, but I love picture composition and color palette in both photographs :o)

  20. Epha says:

    what a nice blog… love the pictures. =)

  21. Anonymous says:

    is the girl in the bottom really hannah murray from skins? (Cassie) I love the yellow pants and her hair!

  22. Ina says:

    Good Job! :)