LONDON – on the street, soho + fitzrovia, 05/13/08

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  1. Betheny says:

    i love that red bag that the last picture shows! i have it in white! Pirmark is amazing!

  2. Which camera do you use?

  3. tonijo says:

    that 2nd girl is hot hot shit
    laughing and smiling like she knows it too
    love it

  4. love the clashing colours of the last picture.


  5. faqua says:

    the black-and-white topshop dress on the third pic is lovely, but too popular.

  6. Lisa says:

    holy jesus, i’m in love with the two first girls. wonderful

  7. Christine says:

    I absolutely love the second picture. Her hair and smile is what makes it complete.

  8. Anonymous says:

    y, the first two are amazing

  9. bethany says:

    i love the second girl and how she wears a chanel cuff and a nike watch! plus her outfit is total radness

  10. Amrita says:

    Girl on foto 1 looks like a lovely cherub
    Girl on foto 2 is just rad x

  11. Wow. True glamazons.

    Love the chic Chanel Bangle on girl # two + everything and everyone else!

  12. Anonymous says:

    such a contrast between the first and the second! the first so pretty the second so hot.

  13. Paris says:

    The first dress is lovely! I used o have the last one but sold it on ebay (it’s the only way I can afford new clothes). Please visit my Fashion Illustration blog if you have a spare few minutes. I am looking for quirky dislikes and fears to illustrate and would love your input!

    Paris x

  14. kyutie says:

    hi! how are you? wow… i like what the last girl is wearing.. she looks very vintage and chic.

    take care,

  15. very nice selection of looks !

    Fred the Mole

  16. I really want a dress like that one on the girl in the first picture! Beauty!

  17. Elisabeth says:

    The second girl looks so wonderfully happy – great smile!

  18. VIVI says:

    I don’t understand, you have better weather in LOndon than in Spain, we can not wear summer dresses yet.

  19. We live for the second pic.
    early 80’s camel ad?
    lol. Nice though.

    PMqn; Atlanta

  20. Anonymous says:

    we R D sleepyheads {>

  21. Miranda says:

    what attractive people! i love that blonde girls hair!
    and those mules with the shorts and vest. looks effortless.

  22. N says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE THE SECOND GIRL! She’s got “it” :) Loooooooooove the smile and the hair! <3<3<3

  23. Anonymous says:

    the last girl is fabulous; best of the bunch

  24. Anonymous says:

    one of the best days i have seen

  25. Brandi Stone says:

    your pics are awesome!

  26. ray ray says:

    i love the second girl because she seems so happy. her style is class also.

  27. Sofia. says:

    Oooooh. Love this whole post. Making me happy and inspired, much?

  28. Falkor says:

    #1 wow!!! who is she?! Love her

  29. Your photos shots are great, you know how to capture the moment. I see your a fellow iqonian, I’m going to send you an invite right now!

  30. Mia D. Selph says:

    The second girl is amazing.
    The first girl is a true beauty.
    She has thee best hair ever.
    Wonderful pictures.

  31. alexandra says:

    love the wild black girl … so beautiful, so fresh, so natural !

  32. Anonymous says:

    aww come on, a girl in a Topshop dress? You can do better than that, Yvan!!

  33. madeleine says:

    I love the second picture of the girl which is laughing. You can really feel her happiness throughout the picture. It’s casual, clean and simple still it’s an amaysing shot. I love it!

  34. Mikal says:

    fabulous pictures