LONDON – brick lane + soho + west end, 05/08/09

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  1. Anonymous says:

    J’adore la troisieme!

  2. Society Hill says:

    the second girls outfit is just amazing.

    i’m not too sure about the boots on the last girl though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the second girl is totally coming out of her shoes, and the last girl… yuck!

  4. Lelaine says:

    love the boots in the last one.

  5. Emma says:


    Love it. Summersummersummer

  6. miss debby says:

    they are all fantastic. finally some great london style…

  7. Is it that women in London are more creative in their dress than men? Day after day, the women seem to outweight the men. But…i’m loving the second and third looks. The scarf, the glasses and her tunic all come together well. The socks are creative. I see so many girls going for tights/leggings with a tunic to play it safe so I like how she took a different twist. The hair in the third look is beautiful. Loving the natural look plus the colorful jacket makes a minimalist dress look a far cry from cliche. Great shots!!

  8. ohsarah says:

    i love the second lovely lady…and her bag. but the last girl’s boots are looking a little too clown-y for me.

  9. DouG says:

    “I wish you a sunny day
    Com muito, muito sol”

  10. Sacha Hilton says:

    The third picture is really great.

  11. Bex says:

    I love the 2nd girl, love the scarf tied into a bow, such a good look and better than just letting it hang there. 3rd girls jacket really sets her outfit off as well.

  12. WendyB says:

    Those last boots– I just took a picture of someone wearing them in Paris a few weeks ago!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Photo No. 2 is just perfect! Love it to pieces.

  14. love the girl’s boots (last pic)


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  16. zoe says:

    the last girl was a contestant in australia’s next top model last year

  17. Puebla Chic says:

    nice afro and the girl whit the stockins looove her!

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey it’s that girl who came last in Australia’s Next Top Model

  19. Aristotelis says:

    The lady in the last photo wears a beautiful pair of two tone chelsea boots by COMME des GARCONS