JUNE – sea, six (cities) and sun

Curious about where am I going to shoot these next weeks?
London (until Jun. 6th + 11th-16th)
Istanbul (Jun. 7th-9th)
Munich : opening of the Absolut exhibition “Selected” with my photos (Jun. 10th)
São Paulo Fashion Week (Jun. 17th – 23rd)
Paris Men’s Shows (Jun. 26th-29th)
Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns (Jun. 30th – Jul. 4th)

Release dates of the next episodes of The Facehunter Show on myspace.com/thefacehuntershow:
Jun. 6th: Mexico City part 2
Jun. 13th: Stockholm part 1
Jun. 20th: Stockholm part 2
Jun. 27th: Moscow part 1
Jul. 4th: Moscow part 2

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