I’ll walk on Brussels’ streets on Monday and visit the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp on Tuesday.

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  1. Bojana says:


    Belgium is the best (and I’m not saying that just because I live there. Riiiight)

  2. Look forward to it! You’ll be snapping over the weekend??

  3. coco says:

    haha dang, now that I’m not in Belgium anymore you go there! SOOOOO Unfaiiiiiir!!!!!!!
    Antwerp is gonna be fun!

  4. victor says:

    i hope you will like it. Unfortunately, monday is a sad and dead day in brussels. Try cafe central by night, you should find nice people to shot, but mondays are particularly dead in brussels…

  5. Anonymous says:

    you should check out the show at alice gallery if your looking to see some art. its a really cool space with the greatest couple that owns it

  6. Djabal says:

    Yes, we really do. Have a nice stay there, here and every where…

  7. Secret Diary says:

    brilliant. way to get some traffic of people who want to be shot by you :)