MEXICO – fashion week aw 08, galeria estacion indianilla, 04/16/08

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  1. barbara says:

    FINALLY some spring/summer clothes. i was so tired of only seeing winter clothes. :)

  2. i want his cowboy necktie

  3. My dad had a tie like that guy! hahah I thought it was bad then too. The last pic looks so editorial!! NICE! check out my site at Love you face hunter!!

  4. wow these mexican shoots are all amazing! almost better than the ones in london! i mean, here people really play and experiment with their outfits…such a different mood! i’m in love.
    hey i’m a brand new blogger

  5. Emma says:

    1, 3. Gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So exciting to see hip latinos and latinas out there. Yay!

  7. Romy says:

    I love the shoes of the first girl. With the sockes they really are very sexy.

  8. Tess says:

    You are amazing!
    I hope you come to argentina

  9. the last girl is beautiful, great bag too

  10. Denise says:

    heyy i really love your blog! your doing a very good job there :D

    i linked you on my blog, hope thats ok with you.
    mines quite new so dont wonder.


  11. cassaundra says:

    loving the last two ladies.

    warm weather is fun!

  12. le Pierrot says:

    Plein de photos sympas dans ce blog…j’aime bien…
    bon week end…