LONDON – smash and grab, punk club, 04/10/08

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I want the first girl’s shoes! And the second girl’s dress! And I’d smash them together and make a super outfit!

  2. Chl0é says:

    La deuxième femme est d’une grande classe!

    Lo0ving 2nde girl’s vintage dress…

  3. Anonymous says:

    If gewl #1 and gewl #2 were to be fused together= perfection would spring forth… only cause I keep skipping between the two and can’t decide!
    Deliciouuuuus as always!

    L’Enfant Terrible

  4. The shoes are crazy good. The latter girl has a crazy great shirt. Oh how i love it.

  5. Zad says:

    wooow dunno where to start:

  6. la femme says:

    I would kill for those buckled platforms. Oh my god.

  7. Snobber says:

    anyone know where #1 shoes are from? i am DYING to know.