LONDON – opening of “the party is dead. long live the party” exhibition, carnaby street + soho, 04/04/08

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  1. I’m loving the first girls shoes,, they are just too fab, everyone in the pics look just great, reall shows london in not considered fashionable for nothing

  2. oh MY i love the RED shoes that one girl has on.. *sigh*

  3. Robin Claire says:

    I’m wearing jeans almost exactly like the ones on the second-to-last girl! Hells yeah!

  4. samo says:

    We need more men.

  5. Anonymous says:

    the second to last outfit is one of the most heinous ensembles in the history of fashion. punk is out, and biker jackets and crimped hair should never be used in the same sentence let alone the same outfit. that outfit is a sloppy cry for help.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the person above.
    its nice to wear your own style but the 2nd last girl just isn’t working for me.

    i adore the 2nd girl’s shoes. devine..

  7. JuliaFuentez says:

    loving all the outfits<3

  8. Anonymous says:

    are you serious? the second to last girl is such a cute little bite-sized punk that i just want to eat her up! wearing a star fish in your hair is so hot right now.

    if i see another person wearing opaque stockings with shorts i think i’m going to vomit.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the first girl wears all black SO well. those shoes! and that jacket and chain! wouldve been nicer if she hadnt tied her hair up.

    the rest are pretty plain to be honest. the girl in opaques has got a good primary colour combo but again shorts and opaques is overkill, every college in the uk has girls in shorts and tights these days.

    i hate the way the mini punk looks so carefully put together, studs all lined up and probably smelling of soap and washing powder. but i guess the confidence to go out like that should be admired. right?

  10. annah says:

    i love the last outfit!

  11. Benedicte says:

    Nr 3 was adorable, and nr 4 had awesome hair!

  12. Anonymous says:

    the first outfit is gorgeous…i like the chain on the jacket and we dont have to talk about the shoes : FANTASTIC!!!

  13. la femme says:

    I like Jack Daniels starfish girl.

  14. Nay'Chelle says:

    I like the girl with the leather jacket. Her pants remind me of the diesel ads.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If anyone knows where the first girls shoes are from then let us know, they’re amazing.

  16. Sophie says:

    I love the first one! But second to last girl’s outfit is just awful :/

  17. vio. says:

    love the first outfit!

  18. jenny h. says:

    i have that leather jacket in the first picture :)

    love the pictures as always :)

  19. Ruby says:

    Wow, these girls have got that ‘i didn’t really try hard to match my outfit i just look fabulous’ look going on!

    Love the JD top mixed with the punky accents – very fierce :)