LONDON – on the street, shoreditch, soho & west end, 04/10/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    she looks so stoked to have her picture taken. i love it.

  2. Holly ♥ says:

    The red is beautiful!

  3. Emma says:


    And five and the last one.

  4. wow the guy with shorts and knee high sock is brave wearing that combination.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow i love this group.
    1st photo just incredible

  6. Frida says:

    Two is completely fantastic!

  7. michael says:

    i adore the outfits and the models bring each outfit to life in a erotic urbon fashion show…

  8. Anonymous says:

    the third girl looks like she could be the subject of a 15-th century painting. Just lovely. And the last girl has great shoes :D

  9. lara - says:

    I’m in l o v e with the blonde girl’s boots.

  10. Adaora A. says:

    Good God! Pass me my smelling salts I feel faint.

    If I don’t have that red dress (and the black and white shirt), hell the whole shebang, I’ll be faint for the rest of my life.


  11. Robin Claire says:

    FIRST IS SOOO ADORABLE!! There is nothing more wonderful then seeing someone stylish and having them turn around to be carrying a dog in a bag.

  12. Anonymous says:

    #2, #5 and last one are all so cute!

    Great pics!

  13. Mat Ahoy says:

    patent dr martens, yummmm

  14. Anonymous says:

    no. 5 is beautiful.

  15. Adiel says:

    That red dress is amazing!

  16. Benedicte says:

    The red dress is adorable!

  17. Ruby Divine says:

    haha i love the first pic! even the guys dog matches the colour scheme…cutie!!!

    I love the red dress and black and white striped shirt, looks really striking!

    The guy in the pics looked like a laid back, casual-cool version of ‘public schoolboy’ :)

    Kisses, Ruby -x-

    *Fashion, Celeb, News & Fiction*
    ‘where the catwalk got its claws’

  18. dimonolo says:

    i like the slip-on´s on #5
    i think they´re prada´s…

  19. Chl0é says:

    Belle série! J’ai mes préférés…

    =>the first guy: nice leather, funny dog!

    =>the last girl : i l0ve this picture, this out fist and this little girl’s haircup

  20. Anonymous says:

    the last girl is sweet <3

  21. Marte says:

    the red dress is lovely!

  22. Anonymous says:

    #3 is gorgeous – she looks like she belongs an impressionist painting! What a subtly gutsy look!

  23. Anonymous says:

    la 2da y la ultima *o*
    desearia tener la personalidad paponerme lo q usa la 2da chica ._.

  24. Pop-Corn says:

    Aah the London style ! Very cute, I love !

  25. Dan Canyon says:


    all day every day!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The girl with the red dress – love it!

  27. I sooo went to highschool with the guy in the shorts and knee socks!!!

  28. alexandra says:

    i love this dog !!!!!