After two years of chasing the elegantly strange, the aesthetically sensual and the discretely eccentric in the world-wide playground of Face Hunter, I feel like it’s high time I share more with you than just my photos.

I can finally announce that I’ll be playing myself on MySpace TV: THE FACE HUNTER SHOW!

The idea is extremely simple, but sometimes they’re the best. Accompanied by my trusty cameraman, each week I’ll voyage to a different country, hanging out with up-and-coming artists, designers, musicians and liberated souls… Hang out, yes, but also film their ideas and their lives with a constant eye for adventure. Besides the show, I’ll of course keep face hunting, you know it’s in my blood…

Woohoo!!!! We’ll be shooting the first episodes in Mexico City (Apr. 12-16) and then moving on to the cooler (?) and colder climes of Moscow (Apr. 18-23). The show will be launched just a few weeks later on the platform MySpace TV.
I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is great! :D
    i’m looking forward…

    XXX by dora

  2. 0xC0FF33 says:

    looking forward to it… but why myspace?! the player is really slow and not good. Why not viddler or youtube? ;)

    greetz 0xC0FF33

  3. I’m sooooooooo excited!!! keep us updated!! Have fun and good luck!!

  4. Anna says:

    Oh, I’m really loking forward to this but i hope you won’t stop taking pictures! :D

  5. Luke says:

    Good luck! Im excited to see the results~

  6. agotalu says:

    it’s really cool!
    Don’t you want to make it as a podcast?!
    It would be sooo cool to see you every week on my iPod :D hahahah

  7. That’s super-duper!
    I lalalove you!

    Miss Two-Headed Girl

  8. Hey don’t worry April in Russia is not THAT cold. In fact London maybe even colder with the sudden snow and whatnot. In average the weather will be around 12-15 degrees celcius. Hope you enjoy your visit to Moscow (?). By the way I live in southern part of Russia (Volgograd @ Stalingrad). Cheers mate. Your pix always inspire me!

  9. Lisa says:

    yeay! finally! keep up the good work.

  10. Ida says:

    Congrats!! I will be looking forward to see it! =)

    // Ida =)

  11. Anonymous says:

    oooh Yvan!
    come to Shanghai, China!!! You will love it here.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Wowza! This is great! It’ll be like a modern version of old travel guide shows. Thanks for bringing everything fashionable to us daily :)

  13. Sounds exciting, I’ll keep up with it on myspace for sure.

  14. Style Scout says:

    Great seeing you at Brick Lane the other day! All the best with the new venture, it sounds exciting!

  15. yaaaaaaaaaaaay i hope you got my message in facebook!!!! im so happy mexico city was the first one!

  16. Jenn says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait!

  17. Too excited. Genius! UPDATE ASAP =)

  18. Mandy says:

    lets us know when you’re coming to LA or NYC so i can hang out and look good.

  19. dimonolo says:

    this is so so great.

    really looking forward to this.

    i bet you´ll do a good job..

  20. Nia says:

    :) this sounds amazing – but I also second the podcast idea, and please carry on taking photos too!

  21. but you’ll keep this blog going too, right?

  22. Kristoffer says:

    WOW COOL! :P
    I’m looking forward to it!
    I love this blog so much, and I always link to it ^^

  23. Anonymous says:

    come to Tel-Aviv ISRAEL!
    TLV is waiting just for you!

  24. this is a great extension to the blog! can’t wait!

  25. Frances says:

    that’s an ace idea, lover!

  26. Elisabet says:

    JEII! it will be cool! looking forward to see it!!

    Reykjavik Looks

  27. Stavros says:

    Use YouTube or Facebook’s video applications


  28. Anonymous says:


    Come visit!! Los Angeles
    Latino Hipsters await!