LONDON – spitafield market & brick lane, 03/04/08

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  1. Adaora A. says:




    I love them all. I belong in that city.

  2. Evan says:

    Ho it’s fabulous, I love this so much again.

    See you.

  3. la pola says:

    i love the second one

  4. Sonia says:

    I like that shoes on seventh pic.

  5. Adiel says:

    #4 is great! Love the jacket!

  6. LOVED number six
    the colors, the details, her expression, everything

  7. lulu says:

    just can’t wait for the winter here. the best season to find nice looks on the streets ;)

    speaking from porto alegre, brazil. the steet style blogs are popping out everywhere here, and i’m beginning my own. if anyone wants to check out how people dress up here, feel free to take a look and comment!

    i also linked your blog to my favourites ;)


  8. Josiee says:

    faboulus footage:D

  9. Anonymous says:

    number 4, you are fabulous!

  10. Bella says:

    I love them all! They’re just so quirky and unique . . . plus the photography is excellent:)

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I wonder what makes your pictures so great… the picture itself or else the look or maybe the people you shoot? I guess it’s all these brought together;)
    It’s simply brilliant.
    Thanks for that:)

  13. I prefer your photos of London people
    Don’t know why …

    Fred the Mole

  14. LeeRoy says:

    Cool.Nice photos.I like this blog.

  15. LIZZ!E says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. oh i love the cardi in the second picture, wonderful!

  17. Chaolita says:

    the head of girl #4 is gorgeous!

  18. Elisabeth says:

    I love the first one; the graffti/street are behind her looks great!

  19. Secret Diary says:

    last guy. great. fresh.

  20. daniel_lucho says:

    la segunda chica es como robyn2!!jaja, esta muy chulo

    great photos

  21. Chloé says:

    Super l’avant-dernière Madame!
    JeAn => greAt.
    noeud pap’ => brilliant!
    et en plus un air détaché et funny.

    note: s’en inspirer.