LONDON – on the street, soho & brick lane, 03/20/08

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  1. SpiegelEule says:

    Mister Rock’n’Roll has got a perfect face…..stunning. could look at it all day

  2. Isabella says:

    I am glad you finally take more pictures of boys.
    I am in lovewith the first one-you should get me his number…;)

  3. Lisa says:

    the first one – wow!

  4. love number 1’s chains and tie combination. It’s good to see more young men in hats. Not counting baseball caps….

  5. deryik says:

    #1: finally some exciting details on male accessories… and color combo. it looks both elegant and masculine; like a gypsy undercover in a suit.

    nice shot :)

  6. aurora says:

    wow love nr. 1. He gorgeous :D

  7. Anonymous says:

    number one <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. PLATFORM says:

    You are really dishin’ out some fantastic images!

  9. candid cool says:

    1. perfect, beautiful done. The green ribbon in the hat echoed again in the skinny printed scarf, the little trinkets, well done sir! I love it when people consider the details.
    4. The simple yet so slick way he has done his scarf is perfect. Beautiful briefcase and camel coat.
    Also I love the duel umbrella shots and the slick wet streets.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i’ve forgotten what he was wearing (i’m pretty sure he had some reds and blacks on), but the dude on the first photograph is absolutely gorgeous.

    i must do a “toru okada” in “london – on the street, soho & brick lane.”

  11. Snobber says:

    1 reminds me of mark ronson. what a beautiful man.

  12. La Terpette says:

    first guy looks awesome

  13. Veronica says:

    oh my gosh! boy number 1 is so freakin’ HOT!

  14. Lorentzo* says:

    Simply Excellent*

  15. THUMP says:

    #1 is very attractive, color combo is nice…the hat and the skinny tie are great…the fit of the suit is just right…job well done

    much love and peace

  16. Anonymous says:

    I so do not find Mr.#1 hot…and was surprised to read so many “hot” comments…Yet, his outfit is very well done…yet I am still stuck on figuring out why they find him hot or gorgeous…hmmmm

  17. Seems like everyone is loving look one! Rightly so…the accessories are top notch and make the suit really pop! However, I’m a fan of look three. She makes frumpy clothes look rather dashing and fun! The play on colors helps…a monochrome look would have just emphasized the somewhat bulky volume of each item.

  18. I love the chains the first fellow is rocking out.

  19. Chl0é says:

    the first ph0t0 is perfect! Parfait habillement, Magnifique c0rps, and rebel minded ? Ce serait trop beau.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Number 3 is simply beautiful

  21. no. 1….

    he is perfection. i wonder if he just looked at himself in the mirror one day and realised how gorgeous he is and how he must dress(exactly like this) to exemplify his beauty.

    oh swoon. your blog is killing me. i cannot look at this eye-candy and not wonder who these people are and what they are like..

  22. Anonymous says:

    again, good looking girls dressing badly…what’s with those floral shorts on 2?
    the boys all rock…

  23. yeh, the first one! I really like him.

  24. k says:

    i’m going to london april 10th for 2 days. i have to meet number one.