LONDON – i see red, west end + marylebone + soho, 03/11/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    number 1 has such a nice look and number 3 looks so so fun!

  2. i love the jacket of the first girl~ i think red jackets are sooo nice, but my sister won`t ever let me buy one b/c she watched schindler`s list & hated the part with the girl in the red coat.
    i like red jackets :)

  3. miss milki says:

    I love the umbrella in photo 3 and her fabulous smile! She does look like she’s fun!

  4. The jacket at the last picture is so cute! :) All that red made me hapy, I love the color red. :)

  5. emily august says:

    red is so lovely this time of year. it really helps to get through the cold, ugly slump of the tail end of winter.

  6. shoebox says:

    I like the girl in the second picture :)

  7. Bricology says:

    The first girl has great style, and the cape on the last girl is excellent.

    The second girl… from the waist-up she’s inoffensive, if boring. But from the waist-down, the look could not be more repulsive. Hoodie as mini-dress, opaque black tights, red pointy stilettos?! She needs to be sent home to try again.

  8. jackie ♥ says:

    i love the first picture.


  9. Anonymous says:

    belt as necklace = genius

  10. Amandine says:

    Oh 4 picture, i think it’s Estelle…Nice girl.
    I love the red collection, actually i love the fact that you made a shoot(even if was not the purpose) about a color.
    Girl with umbrella got a great look.
    And you got a great camera.
    By the way when i met you in front of topshop , i met the italian guy we met together.
    Bon j’arrête.

  11. Spring is coming with its colours and when you see red, ” je vois la vie en rose ” !

  12. Anonymous says:

    Girl #3 is adorable! I love her outfit and of course her winning smile.

  13. bonniebella says:

    I want to know the girl with the neck tie tucked into her pants. She is awesome.


    (NZ street fashion)

  14. Mig... says:

    the last girl’s coat:
    Wow, Wow, Wow
    i love it…

  15. Linn says:

    # 2 has incredible legs!

  16. Laura says:

    the girl in the third photo, the one who’s an amazing smile, looks a lot like Paloma Faith, or maybe i’m wrong and need to look closely to Paloma Faith’s pictures.
    Your blog’s the best anyway!