STOCKHOLM – vice rookies party, clustret, 02/02/08

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  1. SpiegelEule says:

    lovely orange-blue-combination

    like it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i really think you should move on from sweden the style over there is soooooo predictable so boring and way tomuch black!!!!!!!!

  3. elin says:

    swedish people are so beautiful. i’m proud of being a swede, even though this ones are much cooler than me!

  4. elvis says:

    that third guy looks like me…bone structure and everything but im a girl….

  5. pixie says:

    is it really that hot in stockholm? You should come to Canada…we’re wearing face masks, ski goggles, long puffy coats, big ugly snow boots,etc. Well not me, I’d rather freeze to death in a good outfit than be seen in those:)

  6. Tess says:

    All of them are amazing!
    But i love the second

  7. Hay algunas fotos que estan bien y otras muy orteras.

  8. MR style says:

    i need the fur collar too ! so chic !! absolutely

  9. Anonymous says:

    1. looks very much like actress rosamund pike. She was in a recent Bond film.

  10. Shona says:

    wow Swedish girls are so pretty! partcularly no 1. and no. 8!

  11. selina says:

    j’adore l’orange et bleu

  12. ali says:

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    I’m from Russia, Moscow!


  13. Ale says:

    beige dress is amazin.
    so my style.

  14. e says:

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  15. Anonymous says:

    it´s so ridiculous having naked legs in february in sweden…that has nothing to do with style!

  16. Karina says:

    OK, I was wondering the same thing: HOW do they go about not being covered up in January in Sweden? This is beyond me how they aren’t all stalagmites by now.

  17. Anonymous says:

    im all for wearing shorts and skirts all through out the year…

    but that girl must be freezing her ass off.

  18. yo says:

    i’m really kinda impressed with number five. color like that is pretty rare in stockholm!

  19. J says:

    Pic no 1: balloon-emmy is the best.

  20. image #2 is definitely a chic street-chic :P

  21. Anonymous says:

    where’s that from that beige dress not the last one but before that, i need it for party! please tell