STOCKHOLM – see you soon!, södermalm & östermalm, 02/05/08

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  1. lala says:

    #4´s outfit is quite nice- but somehow he doesn´t pull it off…

  2. Shona says:

    guy no. 6 looks cool! I like his outfit!

  3. Secret Diary says:

    last girl’s hair. love it.

  4. anna says:

    Love the guy with a fur hat.
    cool style.

  5. SpiegelEule says:

    the guy sitting upon this blue box is cool. like this sleeky and simple chique

  6. Marita says:

    Definitely have to wear more hats. Looks just so cool. But most of the time, I’m too shy to dare to.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the second girl looks like younger carine roitfeld no?

  8. Karina says:

    Yes, yes! I thought she looks like a ROITFELD, too!!! :-)

  9. Anna says:

    See you in Cph=) You mustn´t miss Henrik Vibskovs show – think it´s gonna be awesome!

  10. love. love. love. especially the last female, that rockabilly style is always in in my book.

  11. Anonymous says:

    numéro six est la femme la plus captivante que je n’ai jamais aperçu

  12. irinisa says:

    the last girl. how funny, I saw her on the tram the very same day and thought “she looks fashion. Yvan is in town. I bet he’s going to take her picture”

  13. Anonymous says:

    #1, #5 and the last one are the best.

  14. U says:

    Ahh, the second pic is so beautiful!

  15. idieh says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anonymous says:

    #1,2 and 3 are simply brilliant!#1and 3 carry fur off impeccably..updating what i used to deem as too mature.#2 is just stunning!

  17. morvernkallar says:

    6!!!!!!!!!! so romantic!!!!!!!!!!

  18. x says:

    #2 is model Nike Felldin,
    #3 is model Elsa Hosk?

  19. pussman says:

    where did the boy off the second last picture get his boots??? They are gorgeous!