PARIS – ready-to-wear aw 08/09 shows, 02/24/08

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  1. SpiegelEule says:

    ivan. it’s you and it’s great.

    N°1: great, to look this sophisticated in wearing such a dress…..*

  2. Anonymous says:

    ha, london is clearly far more interesting!

  3. Snobber says:

    #2, love the coat dress with the purple bag!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting for a log time to see your photos from Paris again, and of course I like them very much! lotta love, sonia.

  5. Adaora A. says:

    Clearly, Paris is where I need to be (not that I didn’t know this already).These people dress like me. I get queer looks everywhere I go around here. No one has any sense of imagination and creativity in dress. Clothes can express who you are (at least they do for me).

  6. Omar Cruz says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    That leather top is amazing.

  8. 1. I must have her dress!
    2. Nice bag and lovely chandelier. I want to live there.
    3. Beautifully done eyes. Interesting hood/hat.
    5. I love this material on jackets.
    9. U look like magic of course.
    10. Interesting chic
    11. Very cool jacket.

  9. Vanessa M. says:

    Wow, all these outfits are amazing!
    Paris streetstyle is so wonderful…

  10. JessicaB says:

    Nice to throw yourself in there! I saw you on Mark the Cobrasnakes site too! Paris was hoppin’!

  11. Emma says:

    No. 1 (yess, yess, that’s it!), No. 4, and you, silly boy.

    Paris! Beautiful.

  12. Kim says:

    liking the last guy. rare.

  13. Anonymous says:

    N3 – is this Vika Gazinskaya, russian designer? anyway, she looks gorgeous!

  14. icy says:

    I’m mortified by the man in the shoulder padded pink v-neck.

  15. Anonymous says:

    face hunter facehunter love your work but u need to get out of europe and see some new fashion outside europia! when is your next trip?

  16. icy says:

    I’m diggin’ the red splatter on the sleeve of #8.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THESE STYLES! I also found this great website that has similarly edgy styles called…try it!

  18. Phina says:

    The 2nd one’s also on Street Peeper.