LONDON – launch of the new collection tourism by superfertile, good hood, 02/20/08

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  1. elv says:

    where you in mexico?

  2. jbx says:

    that necklace is rediculous..i love it :) x

  3. First girl’s dress = amazing!

  4. Min says:


  5. It’s motherPHUCKNG Kali Arulpragasm’s hella bitchin’ jewelry!

    Thanks for giving the world a cloer look


  6. chelletron says:

    i know it’s been said..

    but that necklace is absolutely amazing …. droooooool

  7. Chike says:

    I recognized her face…banging necklace, even more eccentric dress

  8. Anonymous says:

    she look fat……who helped her dress…….