LONDON – brick lane & borough market, 02/23/08

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  1. Chic Closet says:

    Oh I love the girl with the cape and the girl in the last photo- both so chic in such different ways! :)

  2. chelletron says:

    3 is so batlike. rowr

  3. Jbx says:

    3 looks fuckin mean

  4. LIZZ!E says:

    3rd and last pic looks amazing :)

  5. Vanessa M. says:

    I love the last girl’s outfit!

  6. JessicaB says:

    3 and I for sure think on the same wavelength!

  7. liked the 5th, just perfect

  8. inuse says:

    the boy with pullover its so “chic”
    love it

  9. Laura says:

    the first picture is stunning….i adore every single piece she’s wearing!

  10. Jo. says:

    All three girls are adorable. So very stylish. Great, great and great :-)

  11. Anonymous says:

    The girl in the last pic takes my breath away. As much as I love this blog, a lot of the looks I wouldn’t try to emulate on my own. That woman is an exception. Love everything and I mean EVERYTHING about that look!


  12. Queen Rosie says:

    3rd girl down annoys me.
    It looks like its her first time in bricklane and shes trying really hard

  13. the last three looks are sososososososososoo good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    three encapsulates (en-CAPE-sulates) everything tht is wrong about shoreditch. It’s such an unflattering look, that Ipso Facto thing, even if you are very good looking, you just look like a witch and a bad imitation of all the skinny boy bands. Also, winkelpickers – you need v thin legs or you look horrible.

  15. jessica p says:

    I love the cape look. i have a cool one with a simular style from

  16. anna says:

    the second guy is beatuiful.