COPENHAGEN – fashion week aw 08, 02/06/08

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  1. Lalala says:

    Im in love with # 6, she is wonderful and so’s her outfit :)

  2. Romeika says:

    The girl in the fish dress looks cute, just spotted her on CPH street style site.

    the first pic= :-D

  3. Anonymous says:

    #2 is great. It is even greater to see a man who actually DOES LOOK like a man!

  4. emsisiem says:

    #3 is frightening

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everyone but the last are horrible

  6. P says:

    #1 imust imust imust!! have t-shirt & YAYA, because i ♥ YAYA PAGH!!

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I love the fish tunic dress! Cute

  8. wxu says:

    She´s an incredible beautiful woman.
    Great portrait!

  9. Fred says:

    wow :O!
    #1 is gorgeous!

  10. Rodrigo says:


    I ♥ YAYA PAGH!

  11. Barbara says:

    Wonderful girl and t-shirt!

  12. Tiago says:

    yummy yummy yummy #1

  13. photolexx says:

    I like the last photo,
    of the girl with the cute fish dress

  14. photolexx says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I “know” the last girl! Lea!!! Or at least I’ve met her. One of my friends know her very well.

  16. Felipe says:

    we ♥ Yaya Pagh!

  17. Red says:

    she shows so much personality in this picture. It´s fantastic! I like her expression!

  18. Marcelo says:

    #1….love her strong expression, she’s beautiful.

  19. Ju says:

    i love this type of portrait!
    #1 she’s in her natural state, without waiting for the click of the camera.

  20. Liv says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Liv says:

    nr. 1
    what a gorgeous photo of this lovely girl, outstanding, love that hair and beauty.

  22. G says:

    Beautiful portrait.
    Love her expression!I must have that t-shirt.

  23. gefionn says:

    i like the first photo´s girl!
    beautiful… i love the way she is looking… charming.

  24. biawonng says:

    número 1! Yaya arrasa no visual, amei a camiseta, tbm quero!
    encontrei com a Yaya na New York Fashion Week ela me disse que iria para Copenhaguem, adoro!

  25. canjerona says:

    #1 hornyhornyhornyhornyhorny

  26. 1… amazing portrait…love the way she’s posing.

  27. mikael says:

    ¤1 rigtig sød og flot pige!

  28. Paul says:

    really loved a woman here nr.1.
    she’s got attitude, love how you’ve captured that

  29. katz says:

    nr.1 she is so beautiful and classy!

  30. caco says:

    I´m in love with # 1, she is GORGEOUS!

  31. Guto says:

    #1 hot hot hot!!!
    I must have that t-shirt!!

  32. Rebecca says:

    the mysterious girl nr.1!
    she’s lovely and very natural.

  33. Bebel says:

    dj Yaya Pagh a número um!
    Chique e elegante!
    Quero a t-shirt.

  34. suspicious says:

    #1 mmm, charming portrait.
    The way she looks is kinda sexy.

  35. Punk says:

    YAYA É A + PUNK!!!

  36. reggy says:

    The model with fish design is so beautiful,She should be a professional and international model

    satellite image of my house

  37. jokaprado says:

    Yaya Pagh,will you marry me?

  38. jan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. jan says:

    I like the half lit face, definitely adds to the character, and that half smile makes her mysterious!

  40. tito says:


    gorgeous nr 1
    beautiful nordic model!
    lovely t-shirt.

  41. xtricnin says:

    Stunning photo of a stunning Yaya!

  42. ygor says:

    Very nice danish tones….very pretty pic, well spotted my friend…lovely! great expression…she’s absolutely beautiful…

  43. carl says:

    gorgeous nr.1
    Superb model and t-shirt!

  44. paul says:

    ¤1 she´s wonderful!
    beautiful capture … the surreality of the light and colour is cute.

  45. dan says:

    wow…..such a beautiful natural girl the nr.1, wholesome image…I agree about the truck looking like a dream…fantastic capture !

  46. paul says:

    how nice is that pic!
    wonderful danish woman!

  47. silvia says:

    #1…fine looking woman, if i may say so myself, a classic nordic beauty, great danish moment you captured here!

  48. roger says:

    yes, she is a natural beauty in every sense, your colors were caught in a true form, too. wonderful model!

  49. elvis says:

    i think #1 us writing all these comments…its def her.

  50. Shona says:

    No no, I dont think so, because No. 1 is pretty pretty pretty! :)

  51. n.1
    True beauty! A great capture!

  52. crystalheart says:

    That’s such a beautiful image nr. 1. She is so graceful, what a pose ! The whole effect is very natural, colourful and lively. Very well done !

  53. benefit says:

    Wonderful light on her face !
    Very natural and beautiful moment !

  54. Pat says:

    What a great shot nr. 1! I love the look on the girl’s face, and the lovely t-shirt.

  55. lrsn_km says:

    jeg elsker Yaya…hun er så smuk og dejlig…

  56. herman says:

    %1! beautiful lady!

  57. carollhansen says:

    well captured n 1, she has a lovely and so natural smile, i like the lighting on her face.

  58. My God! The jumpsuit woman is amazing.

  59. paulo says:

    mmmmmn1…Nice capture of a European Beauty!

  60. moving says:

    #1 good picture! love it!
    gorgeous girl and lovely t-shirt!

  61. purelove says:

    numero 1 Yaya Pagh!
    parabens pela foto!
    linda a camiseta!
    adorei ter encontrado com a Yaya em New York no nyfw!

  62. luau says:

    So adorable #1! I want that tshirt too!

  63. Anonymous says:

    #1 is sexy!
    Good looking + leather pants

  64. Bob says:

    Wow #1’s gorgeous!

  65. Michael says:

    nr 1
    This captures the moment so well. I love the look of intense engagement. Superb nordic model!

  66. tina says:

    1 excellent timing, great framing and the intense focus on her face is great.

  67. tony says:

    Oh My God!
    #1 is so GORGEOUS!

  68. mauve says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. mauve says:

    n 1 jolie modele!jolie photo!

  70. lone says:

    A beautiful portrait of a beautiful nordic woman *1. Lighting, pose, posture, skin tone, t-shirt and leather pants make a wonderful shot. GREAT photo!

  71. Bryan says:

    #1 WOW!!!

  72. ana says:

    #1 linda!
    visto a camisa, amo a Yaya!
    amei as fotos e video dela no spfw!

  73. cuca says:

    very cool shirt n.1.
    gorgeous girl.

  74. carlos says:

    ¤1…you’ll capture the world with this one!
    She allready has a fave heart!

  75. fritz says:

    n.*1 She is the most beautiful girl I have seen! She take my heart!

  76. paul says:

    wonderful danish girl nr 1! i must have that shirt! great shot! congrats!

  77. jo says:

    #1 fine nordic model!
    chic, sexy, charming and elegant!

  78. DjDOG says:


  79. pauldennier says:

    Yaya a numero um!
    I ♥ Yaya Pagh

  80. Anonymous says:

    wow, i know number 6, the girl in ocean/ fishydress… she made her dress herself.. i also love love love the dress… she would post a comment with her myspace, but she is too shy, so know i do it for her..

    she sells clothes sometimes, and also makes them for stores, you should try to contact her!!!

  81. gaspar says:

    n.1 beautiful YAYA! she’s cool, she’s fashion, she’s chic!

    I ♥ YAYA PAGH!

  82. santanna says:

    *1* glorious nordic beautiful girl! I must have that shirt! great photo!

  83. paul says:

    #1…wow!!! she is the most adorable and sexy girl i have ever seen!

  84. claudia says:

    what a unique, pretty t shirt she’s wearing nr.1. Lovely portrait.

  85. peter says:

    interesting girl, like everybody else i like her shirt – good shot!

  86. Johan says:

    n.1 what a wonderful girl & charming valentine´s day shirt!

  87. domenicco says:

    i love Yaya Pagh #1!
    this girl really has something…shirt, colors and lighting are very good :-) nice!

  88. Wow. I like it .Keep the good work

  89. bob says:

    beautiful shirt.

  90. Denisha says:

    The answer of an exrpte. Good to hear from you.