REYKJAVIK – a magical new year's eve, 12/31/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Howdy! Jeez, new year already! I don’t know if you realise what a big thing it is in my gropu of friends to be at a photo on your blog. Real big. Huge. Not that it’s ever happened, but you know, what if any of us would.
    Anyways, it kindof sucks because people just care way too much about their looks. It makes me sad, and a bit empty-feeling. I do like that you have different kind of styles at your blog though… enough of this drunk 18-year-old for now, say hello to Iceland!

  2. Happy New Year! I like the chic children and the kiddy inspired looks–bib collars, doll heads as jewelry? What will those crazy street fashion people think of next?

  3. Camille says:

    I didn’t know that people from Island are such fashion ! great !

    & happy new year Yvan !!

  4. kitty-san says:

    I totally loved the doll head jewelry on the second look.
    Happy new year Yvan!

  5. Ella says:

    yes yes yes! what a good bunch to start off 2008! look number 3 is gorgeous.

  6. SpiegelEule says:

    nice girls.
    good shots.
    i like hair at N°2.

    best wishes to you for 2008

  7. I love that fact that these are real people in great fashion.

  8. Check OUR OUR OUR BLOGG!! We LIke this btw.

  9. Check OUR OUR OUR BLOGG!! We LIke this btw.

  10. Check OUR OUR OUR BLOGG!! We LIke this btw.

  11. Shiny Kid says:

    such lovely outfits! happy new year! I am adding yr blog to mine :]

  12. Helena says:

    Flickan med de uppsträckta armarna och den vippiga kjolen, älskar’t!

  13. My favourites were 3, 6 and 14.
    I think number 3 was my favourite though. Very girly, but still quirky. Me likey!

  14. Jamieeee says:

    i miss miss reykjavik these photos are wonderful mmm wonderful mr yvan. Happy belated new year. nice to see miss eva in a photo even if there is a distinct lack of her afro. Jamie.x

  15. holly says:

    do you have any more pictures of the blonde girl’s hair in picture two? I’m curious what she did with the back of it

  16. Sophie says:

    Hey you!
    The last photo reminds me of the suit kylie minogue is wearing in her lastest video. right?
    happy new year, Ivan. Thanks for fantastisc, inspirationfilled photos!

  17. Tamara says:

    The third girl down – the redhead in the white – ruined her ENTIRE very cute outfit with those black shoes. Why, why would she do that?

  18. Lilja says:

    Hey! the second last one, with the short hair, is my sister! :D Eva, she had afro haha :)