REYKJAVIK – boys, boys, boys, 01/03/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yvan: smile more, sleep more, eat a bit more ;)

  2. old-fart-1 says:

    your shoes are legit. I totally agree with their existence and subsequent use.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yvan, you look fantastic!
    i love your shoes.

  4. Katya says:


  5. elvis says:

    wow did these boys escape from a mental istitution or maybe prison?
    stop this madness you guys need to grow up get an ax and cut some trees
    stop avoiding masculinity!

  6. vegemite says:

    i want some red shoes now. i usualy dont like red. thanks for the little bit of inspiration.

  7. vegemite says:

    elvis; stop avoiding masculinity? SHUT UP

  8. rEmy says:


  9. Girls don’t like boys girls like cars and money!!!

  10. teti says:

    i think all the guys like the red shoes so much.

  11. Heida says:

    To me feminine guys are HOT and machos – retards abused in childhood

  12. Jerry says:

    your hair looks hot yvan. I wish I could go to iceland, your job is but a dream.

  13. Maria says:

    great shoes! I’m afraid we share a shoe collection/compulsion…more of the latter for me.

  14. Maria says:

    “and machos – retards abused in childhood” ha ha…kind of true, kind of agree.

  15. Annika says:

    Ah, you’re almost as hot as your shoes, Yvan!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I TOTALLY agree with “elvis”. Sometimes it seems there are only girls around…

  17. sexofagia says:

    e que viva o drama…

  18. Anonymous says:

    absolutaly handsome

  19. the elv says:

    im so glad someone agrees with me and the second guy looks like a power ranger like hes part of some cult

  20. Paul Pincus says:

    I like all three.

    The first image is charming and a little less studied…cool!

  21. Girl says:

    Hello, you beautiful, pouty boy, with your nice pants and shiny, red shoes.(I love it; classic base with a shot of red.)

  22. where did you get those red patent leather shoes, YVAN?

  23. loveshack says:

    you are hilarious! why do you keep putting pictures of yourselves as if they were someone else’s?

  24. Linda says:

    in love with the last boy, seriously those shoes…

  25. Tamara says:

    yvan: smile more

    Brilliant. Brilliant. Too much self-adoration eh? This site going to your head?! Scenester GLARE!