PARIS – men's fashion week fw 08/09, 01/17/08

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  1. Anonymous says:

    #5, that girl is gorgeous! Is she a model?

  2. Snobber says:

    i just fainted because of #1’s jacket. fell out. competely out.

  3. wow, to the boy with the umbrella. cute boys are hard ones to find.

  4. nikola.b says:

    abito a parigi a settembre ma gente vestita in sta maniera non l’ho vista da nessuna parte… :p

  5. Isn’t the first picture of the woman who presents Vogue TV?

    Louise someone?

    Very well put together look, love the anklebiters!

  6. scotty says:

    #2 kinda looks like Henrik Vibskov….

    And everything about #4 is annoying. Everything.

  7. i wanna MARRY yvan rodic!

  8. Jamie says:

    Yes, number one is Louise Roe, and it’s nice to know she’s in Paris, last week is was Milan and she can be seen on the Sartorialist…I’m sure she’s great, but come on.

    Does any body know what sort of purse that is, with the chain and the Hermes scarf?

  9. The mini band jacket on the first lady is really creative and reminds me of Balenciaga.

  10. Girl says:

    Bah, gah! All of these people are so beautiful. Wonderfulwonderful.

    One of many, dysfunctional, one of many.

  11. Loves the lady with the scarf!!!

  12. K.C. says:

    Mon Dieu! C’est Milagros Schmoll. Je T’aime!

  13. me ineptum says:

    Cheers Milagros Schmoll & Vibskov (?)


  14. Austin says:

    i cant get over how the guy’s umbrella handle matches his belt. the only light color in his outfit!

  15. sporting a trend here –
    guys with umbrellas
    tres spring

  16. J´adore presque tous… ay!
    La premiere…. genial, perfecta…!
    Los chicos 4º y 6º…magnifico (greats!!)
    la 5eme fille, avec ce…pañuelo …genial.
    Congratulations. Fantastic…!!
    Un trabajo fantastico

  17. Anonymous says:

    I need #1’s jeans. does anyone know where they’re from, just on the off-chance?

  18. Anonymous says:

    why is the 5th girl so disgustingly beautiful??!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    oh milagros’ such a cutie pie

  20. Candid Cool says:

    1. brilliant of course
    4. great coat.
    5. pretty
    6. casual elegance
    8. well done, great bag

  21. Anonymous says:

    The first girl is awesome. Her name is Louise Roe and she works for Vogue. Her jeans are hiding them, but her legs are to die for. I’d marry her.

    umbrella dude….belt doesn’t match the shoes but who cares….we’re young and we’re allowed to break all the rules. Plus it matches that sweet umbrella handle nicely.

  22. daniel_lucho says:

    this mans are very elegance

    yout blog is great

    a gallician(spain) fan!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Ok, that hood on #5… does it defy physics for beautiful people, or can I, a mere mortal, find something like that?

  24. SpiegelEule says:

    this simple chique of N°5 is amazing. luv the shot

  25. Anonymous says:

    my word number 5 is beautiful

  26. MEO says:

    I love the girl with the red jacket .. His style is simple but sought

  27. k says:

    yes the first coat is good but there’s something about the way she wears it that makes her look as though she’s wearing it to make a statement, not to express herself. i’m very likely wrong but still, despite the power of the coat, there’s no magic.

  28. Charlene K says:

    #5 looks utterly utterly familiar! who is she anyone?? she is so beautiful in a very unconventional way!ahh!

  29. Anonymous says:

    #5 looks like mariacarla boscono…could it be her?

  30. Anonymous says:

    i want to marry #2!!my dream man!

  31. K says:

    the guy with the russian hat has the warm look down!!
    i also happen to like the first girl’s jacket.

  32. deryik says:

    #1: great jacket and jeans but i wish the shoes were black and the bag was soo something different.

  33. Anonymous says:

    oh les deux premières photos, ainsi que la quatrième, ont été prises devant ma faculté, rue des Saints-Pères…

  34. What is #2 supposed to mean?? awful..

  35. Adrian says:

    That guy in the alleyway with the umbrella stole it from the George V

  36. Anonymous says:

    number 5 is milagros schmoll…argentinian model for export.. really cute girl in person!..

  37. Baby Jane says:

    I like the boy with the umbrella. He is so cute..