LONDON – brick lane market, 01/06/08

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  1. Slava says:

    Wow, the last one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the 6th girl looks lovely, but she appears to have forgotten to wear a skirt.

  3. elvis says:

    more like gothic meets frankenstein
    just call it gothic hunter why dont ya.

  4. Ida says:

    I just l o v e no. 3!

  5. Anonymous says:

    that boy, oh my.

  6. K-Y-M says:

    og those leggings in n.1! veryy nicce fabric!.

  7. meow says:

    brick lane is always cool.funny how one of them reminds a lot steff from klaxons

  8. ebe says:

    good haul

    likey mickey mouse boy :)

  9. moderngirly says:

    I’m trying to find more ways to wear my white tights (it’s hard!) and I’m liking the look of no. 3.

  10. LINC says:

    No. 1 with the sunglasses is the lead singer from io echo. bloody hell, was she cool and whatnot? lucky you. whats she doing on our side of the pond did she have a performance or something.

  11. says:

    The last one’s shoes are incredible. Any idea where I might find a pair?

  12. heyllo says:

    these are some of the best pictures most definitely!

  13. Girl says:

    3, 6. These are great, Yvan!

  14. Gabba F. says:

    #2- pure Pete Doherty!
    #3- nice haircut
    I enjoy Mickey Mouse boy too.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey Yvan, Londres ne s’arrète pas à l’allée des Briques…
    Tu as déja entendu parler de Camden Market, Covent Garden, Portobello, Carnaby Street ?

    La mode anglaise ne se limite pas aux hipsters qui sont tous les mêmes et de plus en plus ennuyants.

  16. Henri says:

    number 1 with the sunglasses and leggings and number 3 with the white tights are by far the most interesting of the lot.

  17. elin says:

    omg, i think i love everyone! but that big scarf is sooo lovely!

  18. Shona says:

    1,3,6 Marvellous!

  19. Yumm-y! The last girl was so cute. I jsut want to keep her in a box under my bed and feed her some candy. Haha!

  20. Anonymous says:

    at the risk of outing myself as a country bumpkin, i shall still ask, for i am fascinated by girl number three’s outfit: does anyone know where that trenchcoat is from?

  21. pauline says:

    Are those the same Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses from Sonia Rykiel ss 08? They’re lovely.

  22. MEO says:

    la 1 e la 5 sono wow..

  23. David says:

    No. 1 has a pair of sunglasses designed for Peggy Guggenheim by American artist Edward Melcarth. You can find them in Blue/Gray/White at the Guggenheim Store

  24. Alex says:

    2 is awesome. it’s not just the clothing, it’s the attitude and the surroundings that make the photo. wow. I just love it for some reason, I feel like I want to turn and look the same direction to see what his eyes are set on. haha :D

    and yes, big scarfs rule.

  25. B-E says:

    oh my word yes, # 1! io echo in sunglasses is brills.

  26. THE SWORD! says:

    the one in sunglasses is fucking intruiguing. i vote #1

  27. number 3 is my second favourite shot of yours Yvan. My favourite is Yaya in the red dress with the umbrella.

    GOOD work!

  28. I can’t wait for my winter to roll around. Oh the joy of layers and colourful scarves!!

  29. Linda says:

    that oversized turquoise teal scarf is amazing, I want something like that…

    hmm I could probably knit one

  30. Pimpumpam says:

    white fur girl…you’re so lovely!

  31. the sword! says:

    aha! our sunglasses girl is on titled “the room”… either she travels mighty fast or she has a doppelganger. do i get a pat on the back for being observant?

  32. golightly says:

    i know number three
    well, i mean she goes to my school
    i really love what she’s wearing here
    also, 1 is awesome. great glasses

  33. Anonymous says:

    Oh my God!The no.2 boy in the hat is gorgeous! i wonder if he’s looking at me?!reminds me of fiddler on the roof or something…x

  34. Paul Behnke says:

    Anyone know where I can get a hat like the guy in the second picture?

  35. yowza what a fantastic set we have here