LONDON – brick lane ladies, 01/09/08

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  1. Elvis says:

    woaahh this weather looks disgusting…is that girl in the first pic about to sink in some mud?

  2. Britta says:

    Seems so, but she looks absolutely fabulous!

  3. the older lady has the best coat

  4. Anonymous says:

    last one is FABULOUS

  5. the sword! says:

    the ruffle collar on the button down sweater is phenominal

  6. The fur coat is amazing!

  7. Linda says:

    v. nice, I like the wind in the first picture!

    PS: where’d the huge list of links to other street style sites go? I miss them, and I often used them to go to the Asian ones I so adore…

  8. Secretista says:


  9. I love the first one! She has the perfect winter coat.

  10. The girl at the 1st picture had such a wonderful coat! Me wants it! haha

  11. Plupp says:

    the last girl is very very hot!

  12. S. says:

    The first woman looks fantastic…like from a contemporary fairy tale in an urban setting.

  13. Mer says:

    where did you take the first picture? What was She doing there? She looks amazing, don´t like the belt though

  14. James says:

    i like the umbrella the best.

  15. Snobber says:

    i love, love, love, love that first one’s belt! wherever did she get that?!

  16. Paul Pincus says:

    The first shot is a gorgeous portrait. I think one of your best.

    She looks terrific. Love the ‘B’!


  17. DP says:

    Wow the last girl is just so adorable!!