HELSINKI – finnish fashion fair, fair centre + la persé, nolla, 01/26/08

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  1. SpiegelEule says:

    necklage in first picture’s great highlight. like it

  2. face shower says:

    i love the dungarees!

  3. Girl says:

    Many nice ones. I adore the last girl.

  4. bella says:

    #’s 2 and 4 remind me of old paintings . . . they’re beautiful!

  5. Anonymous says:

    they are all so pretty!

  6. The glam necklaces on the first two ladies (art nouveau-ish) are very nice touches!

  7. Nell says:

    I adore the first look – a bit conservative, you could say, but the necklace and the boots, and my favourite cherry-tights, very chic!

  8. Anonymous says:

    oooouh, pic number 4 is our dear Jenna! <3

  9. high says:

    is it just me or #3’s jeans are hedious?

  10. Sara says:

    I loved that last girl’s outfit. Lovly