2008 is going to be very intense and exciting, Face Hunter-wise.
With more fascinating faces, exotic destinations and wonderful projects to enjoy.
I promise, I’ll bring you everywhere in my luggage.
Are you ready for this?:

Jan. 10th-13th: Barcelone, 1st time with Face Hunter
Jan. 17th-20th: Paris, Men’s shows
Jan. 25th-27th: Helsinki, Finnish Fashion Fair
Jan. 28th-31th: Stockholm, Fashion Week by Berns
Feb. 1st-7th: New York, Fashion Week
Feb. 8th-10th: Copenhagen Fashion Week
Feb 9th: Malmö (Sweden), opening of my new exhibition
Feb. 10th-15th: London, Fashion Week
Feb. 24th- Mar. 2nd: Paris, Women’s shows

Of course, it’s just a beginning.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, what an eye-feast to look forward to…Happy hunting, dear Yvan.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. jan says:

    she´s so adorable!!!

  4. carlos says:

    Wow! What a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman!

  5. paulo says:

    lucky man!
    beautiful girl!
    happy new year!

  6. fritz says:

    This one is great too…gorgeous!!!

  7. caco says:

    Nice compositing, lighting, and girl.

  8. Guto says:

    Divina Yaya Pagh!
    Foto linda, perfeita.

  9. G says:

    Beautiful girl!

    Wish you a very Happy and Productive New Year!

  10. Kaka says:

    Nice shot.
    Best wishes for 2008.

  11. Vilma says:

    Great capture!

  12. caiohansen says:

    what a beautiful portrait of beautiful woman…well done.

  13. ygor says:

    Beautiful girl & composition!

  14. rebecca says:

    Trés bonne année 2008!

  15. mario says:

    Yaya linda!

  16. carl says:

    This one really “speaks”. Well done.

  17. tato says:

    Nice portrait, I like very much the expression of this girl.

  18. tito says:

    excellent portrait…thank you for sharing it.

  19. naomy says:

    linda composição,
    lindissima como sempre, Yaya!
    sucesso na exposição.

  20. silvia says:

    Beautiful…I love this shot!

  21. danny says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Will u marry me?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yaya,will you marry me?

  24. paul says:

    wow…she’s naturally drop dead gorgeous

  25. Laura says:

    is that Gabie? i think it’s her…she’s cute

  26. Anonymous says:

    great photo!!
    but come to luxemburg cus that would be a real challenge ;)

  27. mitzu says:

    Nice shot and so beautiful woman!! Thanks!

  28. tato says:

    gorgeous girl! great picture !

  29. mario says:

    Bello questo ritratto! L’espressione è molto naturale e la sconosciuta davvero bella…

  30. heta says:

    Wonderfull shot ! Original

  31. tomie says:

    charming girl! great capture!

  32. fabi says:

    lovely and well captured !

  33. paul says:

    and what a girl!

  34. danny says:

    you’ll capture the world with this one!
    horny !

  35. roger says:

    Mmmmm…. And a nice girl too!!!

  36. paul says:

    i like this photo a lot, i can see summer ,warmth, brease and lots of happyness :)
    oh yeah , and lovely girl

  37. bobby says:

    Tastefully and beautifully photographed

  38. rebecca says:

    just the perfect image of a danish brazilian girl Yaya Pagh, absolutely beautiful…extremely well done with class and grace!

  39. rose says:

    Excellent shot! The lighting and color is great. Wonderful idea.

  40. Felipe says:

    Musa, Divina Yaya Pagh!

  41. missccherry says:

    linda foto,
    Yaya é maravilhosa,adoro,sucesso!


  42. bia says:

    She’s gorgeous and so is the shot!

  43. kimfreedom says:

    beautiful Yaya!
    congratulations!your photos are an inspiration! a total celebration of color and life…please do keep up the good work.
    happy 2008.

  44. thank you for bringing back the warm sensations of summer & love, God i am sick of winter!

  45. herman says:

    she’s beautiful!

  46. mikael says:

    what a cool shot! i love the expression on her face.

  47. cherryo says:


  48. lrsn_km says:

    Superb image and photography! WoW!

  49. pauldennier says:

    WOW, amazing shot – splendid woman – love it

  50. Anonymous says:

    come to Australia!!!

  51. luana says:

    Wow, that’s a great shot.

  52. tammy says:

    sucesso na sua exposição na suecia, boa caçada em 2008.

  53. excellent! I want to be there!

  54. Paul says:

    Wonderful Yaya Pagh!
    Super shot!

  55. carollhansen says:

    A wonderfully happy image, full of life and color.

  56. Anonymous says:

    there she is spreading joy…beautiful share

  57. It is not conventional but it is still lovely.

  58. Paulo says:

    Fantastic shot and amazing girl!
    I think this photo is a super shot…congratulations.

  59. F says:

    Awesome shot!
    nice framing and colors.

  60. jokaprado says:

    WOW! looks like she is dancing, what an incredible body shape… very graciously sensual and powerful!

  61. anton says:

    Venus looks awesome!

  62. mapaloko says:

    wonderful girl…nice color of skin … nice body…superb

  63. crystalheart says:

    Beautiful colors! Love the skin tones!

  64. tony says:

    gorgeous, breathtakingly fantastic, a mind blowing work, absolutely perfect!

  65. carlos says:

    excellent photo
    lovely woman

  66. purelove says:

    sexy girl and cool colors!

  67. lone says:

    she’s looking gourgeous

  68. thursten says:


  69. dj dog says:

    & what a BEAUTIFUL girl!

  70. happy hunting…gorgeous girl.

  71. This is AWESOME! Dreamgirl! Thanks for sharing!

  72. gio says:

    that calmness of the girl is beautiful…
    such a simple background makes such an amazing photo!

  73. Felipe says:

    This image is brilliant for so many reason’s….. the concept, composition, light and Yaya Pagh! Beautiful!

  74. tina says:

    Beautiful and inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  75. Ross says:

    beautiful pic of a beautiful woman

  76. Wonderful shot and wonderful girl!

  77. luau says:

    Great composition,

  78. jo says:

    Blessings beautiful lady!

  79. baby says:

    lovely tribute to a lovely looking girl

  80. carol says:

    Beautiful composition, one special photo!
    I love great sentiment that spread out!

  81. mayr says:

    just a lovely portrait of a naturally beautiful person, no words needed !

  82. Elsevier says:

    she’s completely lovely, as always, and such a sweet moment!!

  83. jo says:

    ah os olhos de Yaya…
    o olhar profundo e inexplicável de Yaya…
    foto de puro charme, fantástica…lindíssima e muito sensual!

  84. paulo says:

    Wow! soooo beautiful!

  85. gaspar says:

    o que me reluz de ti não é ouro
    é o dourado que nasce do teu couro
    que combina com a pele alvinha,
    alva, mas não fria,
    alma, mas não vazia,
    ah, Yayá, se fosses minha!

    adooro a Yaya, muito boa foto, parabens e mto sucesso.

  86. giusepe says:

    great colors and perspective,
    interesting composition,
    bellissima donna!

  87. J. P says:

    The picture speaks for it self – nicely done.

  88. Tiago says:

    Happy 2008!

  89. canjerona says:

    linda e sensual!
    adorei o controle da exposição e a composição!
    feliz ano novo, sucesso!

  90. Guto says:

    There’s a lot of things I could say in praise of this, but much of it was probably said somewhere above. What hasn’t been said?? The image likes this enough to make one of my favorite favorites!

  91. aloette says:

    Another GREAT shot from you…… WoW!

  92. moving says:

    the girl is really beautiful

  93. makeup says:

    Lovely soft colours and wonderful girl. Great capture.

  94. tina says:

    Awesome lighting!Wonderful shot!

  95. luciana says:

    is really a genial picture

  96. diana says:

    fantastica luce …bellissimo il colore della pelle …rende benissimo la dolcezza e la morbidezza del corpo.

  97. xtricnin says:

    Stunning shot of a stunning woman!

  98. Georg says:

    Such wonderful legs!
    Lovely photo.Very delicate and elegant!

  99. Karina says:

    she’s my fave. meu yaya meu yoyo. Happy new year darling.

  100. Caio says:

    nice shot!

    wonderful Yayá Pagh!

    quero ser o quindim da Yayá!


  101. cornelio says:

    superbe girl…wonderful legs!
    oh my

  102. el says:

    I love the girl in the picture she’s a fantasy someone that I need to see make a reality

  103. Anonymous says:

    arrasa divina Yaya!

  104. alan says:

    She looks happy, romantic and lovely.Beautiful girl with amazing eyes.Nice photo.Congratulations.

  105. Christian says:

    she really look like a faery.

  106. Dan says:

    Beautiful portrait, amazing colors!

  107. layla says:

    Nice photo & girl!
    She’s so lovely, perfect.

  108. donna says:

    Beautiful eyes! Very nice informal portrait.

  109. otis says:

    Beautiful portrait! I agree with the others, wonderful eyes…

  110. heinz says:

    everything of her is beautiful. the portrait too. I like it.

  111. paul says:

    really beautiful girl – lovely shot!
    fall in love

  112. nayr says:

    bonita foto da divina MUSA Yaya Pagh! adoro! bj

  113. Lucas says:

    Yummi Yummi Yummi

  114. Anonymous says:

    Nice shot!!

  115. lu says:


  116. jacob says:

    nice curves!I miss summer.

  117. diana says:

    Marvelous capture!

  118. john says:

    Her face is so expressive and detailed and you’ve captured that wonderfully. Congrats on this fabulous portrait!

  119. mel says:

    Very well done. What a lovely shot!

  120. Anonymous says:

    wonderful moment and expression !

  121. mia says:

    beautiful shot … nice moment you captured.

  122. adam says:

    Lovely portrait! I like you approach for this shot. Her eyes look away from the camera and the subtle smile on her face gives lot of room for my imagination. I wonder what she is looking at and what has amused her?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Very nice portrait, strong composition. Very interesting expression.

  124. alex says:

    A beautiful portrait. I love the light and the expression on her face.

  125. claudia says:

    Really excellent capture, I like that she’s not looking at you but seems to be pondering something amusing in the distance.

  126. ana luisa says:

    Hmmm… stunning portrait!
    I just love her expression, her cat´s eyes ……

  127. gaspar says:

    lovely expression, great photo!

  128. Anonymous says:

    such lovely shot! I like the lighting here.

  129. bebel says:

    beautiful expressive pic!

  130. teo says:

    Beautiful shot! I love her expression.
    Beautiful girl in a bathtub full of colourfuls balls is great idea! Love the fact that she is looking away adds so much more to it.

  131. papa says:

    j’aime beaucoup ce photo!

  132. gy says:

    great capture!

  133. bia says:

    this is a shot one has to see enlarged!

  134. mikael says:

    Love the composition, the colors and the perfect woman!

  135. paloma says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  136. de says:

    Lovely shot from a most beautiful girl. I like her hair colour too.

  137. canario says:

    such a beautiful pic!

  138. Anonymous says:

    Nice portrait, focus is superb. Like her hair too.

  139. amber says:

    I have to agree with everybody else, a beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl!

  140. cookie says:

    What a wonderful portrait. Her stance and expression is captured beautifully! Chears!

  141. anton says:

    Ciao,fantastica la foto!

  142. marilinha says:

    Wow, very nice. Lots of feeling…

  143. gavião says:

    divina Yaya Pagh!!


  144. sophia says:

    beautiful photo… perfect expression.

  145. mah says:

    adoro vc YAYA!!!
    vc é a MUSA PUNK!!!

  146. dan says:

    Beautiful girl, reminds me of Debbie Harry.

  147. kaka says:

    what a beautiful woman in a bathtub full of colourfuls balls!

  148. birgitte says:

    linda Yaya sempre arrasando! até em jacuzzi de bolinhas coloridas! que expressão fantástica no seu olhar felino!
    parabéns pela foto!

  149. mikaza says:

    Nice photo and beautiful girl!

  150. yara says:

    beautiful candid capture!
    excellent work.

  151. tempo says:

    she is so beautiful
    wonderful light… color tones… and captured pose
    great shot… wish you the best for 2008

  152. An says:

    love her shiny hair
    great capture
    simple and elegant

  153. carl says:

    a beautiful portrait…is really magical, nice composition here.

  154. arapiraca says:

    Wonderful girl and nice colours!

  155. sah says:

    I like the concentration on her face ! Beautiful portrait!

  156. sonia says:

    wow! beautiful light, composition, mood, you really capture a special moment here… i love her thoughtful expression, the face half in light, half in darkness and her yes, gorgeous!

  157. baby says:

    she is a wonder! beautiful photo!

  158. layla says:

    girl is so soft and pure

  159. oko says:

    The perfect woman…

  160. katzford says:

    simplesmente Yayá Pagh!

  161. nice photo! lighting… colourfuls balls… and of course, the beautiful girl and her expression.

  162. damian says:

    wow… very nice shot of this lovely lady.

  163. alex says:

    great portrait – lovely expression!

  164. Anonymous says:

    nice portrait, nice natural smile

  165. renato says:

    wonderful person captured at the right time and place, I love the cosy atmosphere.

  166. dagmar says:

    very good work indeed for an indoors photo!
    perfect girl!

  167. luiz says:

    very innocent look…sexy pose!

  168. jaques says:

    my favorite female pose! she looks so cool.

  169. carl says:

    gorgeous innocent lady!

  170. Kah says:

    charming Yaya

  171. diniz says:

    It’s a great photo, it’s telling a story but I can’t decide what story!

  172. martin says:

    girl looks so natural in a carefree & sincere way.

  173. knud says:

    sweet image my friend
    i love her expression!

  174. tom says:

    what a lovely catch! very charming girl… stunning good tones and original idea.
    very well done!

  175. Isabelle says:

    this is just…fantastic! i love everything about this: the colourfuls balls, like Ikea, tones, and composition are all spot on… but that girl’s expression… priceless! yep, things like this are so good for the soul.

  176. moranguinho says:

    Beautiful shot, so strong and full of feeling!

  177. Fred says:

    divina Yaya Pagh, vinheta e rosto da São Paulo Fashion Week!!

  178. Max says:

    That is probably the most adorable girl I have ever seen.
    I love the expression on her face.
    Nice work!

  179. klaus says:

    incredible shot! happy new year!all the best in 2008!!!!!….

  180. peggylee says:

    très belle image !

  181. Jean says:

    beautiful sweet image!

  182. paul says:

    interesting…charming…i like it.

  183. Bob says:

    great catchy color
    ooo her skin is so pure, so beautiful, so horny!

  184. babby says:

    great expression! beautiful look! fantastic!

  185. Bryan says:

    Fantastic image!
    Great colors and amazing pose! Very beautiful and sensual model!

  186. Horst says:

    I like the pose, the lips, the eyes, the curves, the legs mmmm, the hair, to sum up, I really like this photo!

  187. Veronika says:

    beautiful portrait!
    I love the colors and the expression on her face!
    fantastic shot!

  188. nico says:

    divina Yaya Pagh!
    adorei, ela tbm está linda no spfw!

  189. Rebecca says:

    lindíssima Yaya Pagh nesta sua foto linda e na foto enorme da Yaya e no telão entre os desfiles na SPFW!

  190. birgitte says:

    Beautiful portrait of nordic beauty!

  191. curupyra says:

    foto linda!
    vi a Yaya sexta na São Paulo Fashion Week… arrasou na foto e no video antes dos desfiles!
    sucesso em 2008!

  192. boneca says:

    She is a beauty! So cute! Lovely portrait!

  193. paul says:

    Wonderful girl!
    wonderful legs!

  194. cornelio says:

    she is truly beautiful!