Here’s what I am up to for the next enchanting days…

Dec. 24th-28th: Christmas time in Switzerland
Between two family’s dinners, I might go shooting in Lausanne and Geneva

Dec. 28th-Jan. 3rd: 6 days of night in Reykjavik
Endless New Year’s Eve party in the middle of snow storms

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  1. coco ramone says:

    hihi i’m aswell in switzerland for christmas ^^
    except I am in Zurich area…

  2. Girl says:

    Do find some time to shoot in Switzerland!! I’m expecting some wonderful work from these wonderful places!!

    Have a great holiday.

  3. Byron Afshar says:

    j’espère vous croiser à genève…. :)

    de toute façon si je vous vois je vous sauterai dessussssssss! ;D -je rigolllle