REYKJAVIK – gus gus ultimate gig, nasa + on the street, laugavegur, 12/29/07

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  1. Canalla says:

    La verdad es que viendo las fotos dan ganas d comprarse un peli-abrigo como el d la chica de la 4ª foto :)

    y me encanta el vestidito de encaje!

    que sepas q aunq no haya posteado nunca lo sigo a menudo

    un besiño!

  2. Hrabina says:

    Saga’s dress is amazing as always and Ida’s look is perfect! I wish O was in snowy Rvk right now…

  3. karton says:

    I wish it was snow in Warsaw…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The girl in the sixth photo (lacy black dress) is absolutely gorgeous. She looks like a model.

  5. Girl says:

    Fur just isn’t attractive. It’s showy.

    Yeah, the lacy black dress is a gorgeous dress. Fairly good photos overall, I s’pose.

  6. mackov says:

    amazing, very hot

    Reykjavik is Cool !!

  7. The lacy black dress is abs gorgeous, as are the white swirls across girl #1’s dress.
    Happy new year, Yvan!

  8. Puebla Chic says:

    i was starting to wonder if there was any snow there!

  9. lara says:

    love #2 shoes and #6 is pretty sweet too!

  10. maren says:

    OH MY GOD, i love the first girl.

  11. Loving the 40’s inspired turban! Don’t really like the coat though.

  12. Shona says:

    Wow the third girl is marvellous!