REYKJAVIK – the colors of the night, 12/28/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I´m so very fucking jealous.
    Reykjavik… waaahwhh…

  2. sunniva says:

    Ohh, the guy’s scarf! WOW!
    That’s fashion!

  3. Charlene K says:

    i can never get how these people can wear tights/sheer leggings in that climate..i really cant.
    can someone enlighten me?

  4. Girl says:

    So incredible WONDERFUL. Especially 1, 2, 5.

  5. Anonymous says:

    it’s the same girl in 2 and 5, isn’t it?
    in any case, i ADORE her outfit and the change from the first picture to the second

  6. Oscar says:

    goodgoodgoodgood layers!
    I wish I could go to Reykjavik… these kids have style.

  7. Girl says:

    Hmm, if that is the same girl, not gonna lie, I don’t like her second outfit.

  8. elvis says:

    so was the last girl good in bed?

  9. Hellorinis says:

    Wow, they look like they are having the time of their lives. I love the girl with the pop tights and the last girl by the window…perfect fashion lessons for winter tights and attitude in general.

  10. Reykjavik people.. -they always looks like they know this “party all night long thing”? True?
    Would really like to go there just to find out! Great inspiration.
    Thanx and have a happy new years, love from Gothenburg.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is kind of stupid to take a picture of the same girl twice,especially when she looks boring like that!

  12. Lynn & Horst says:

    number one
    is my number one

  13. Lynn & Horst says:

    number one
    is my number one

  14. Lynn & Horst says:

    number one
    is my number one

  15. bella says:

    these make me wish i’d seen more of reykjavik than just the airport! gorgeous.

  16. stephen says:

    gorgeousness! these beautiful creatures from the land of björk…so inspiring.

  17. Sunna says:

    Hey I went to school with no. 3 :) Haven’t seen her since that. I remember she was in a movie or something… anyways, what a fun surprise to see her!