MODETTE MAGAZINE (june 07) – london girls don't wear trousers

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  1. davey says:

    you’re RIGHT

    I always feel so sorry for the poor things, considering how cold it is outside.

    Nice photos thx.

  2. MEO says:

    le città attraverso le persone riflesse nel tuo obbiettivo sono bellissime..

    Written in Italian is more beautiful

  3. With legs like those, who needs trousers? (and if those pics were from June, they probably didn’t need them).

  4. Miss Woo says:

    Every girl got it right, fantastic.

  5. dinoBot says:

    i;m normally not into the ultra feminine thing…but the girl with the yellow wedges and blue long sleeved dress is to die for in her own simplistic way.

  6. Eli says:

    ummm..this doesnt even make sense..they’re not wearing coats? It’s that warm?

  7. Alice says:

    the second one is just pure style on legs <3