LONDON – pix magazine party, hoxton square bar and kitchen + closing party, grill room/cafe royal, 12/18/07

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  1. Girl says:

    1, 4, 6, 8, and the last one (just because she has such a look)!


  2. fashionfreax says:


    is it possible to use some of your pictures on ?

    would be nice.

    Greetz from Germany

  3. Anonymous says:

    3 – could be great, but only if someone less banal was in it, and they added less vampy shoes

    10 – margot stilley? got to be the way she’s over-working it…

  4. heylove says:

    last girl’s bag made from soda tops. ingenious.

  5. Candid Cool says:

    5. love that jacket! I have one just like it.
    10. Great dress
    11. Great coat. Like the headpiece, and wonderful bag.

  6. The young woman in photo 10 is stunning. She looks gorgeous, sexy, and classy.

  7. Jamie says:

    Great to finally meet you last night. Check it religiously everyday. Fabulous!


  8. Robin says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    mikayla she set

  10. Nana says:

    Love your photos, they are always a great inspiration! ;)
    Greets Nana

  11. Anonymous says:

    oh yeah! mikayla! she’s so stylish!

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh it is mikyla isn’t it!

  13. lara says:

    #3 looks like she is dressed for halloween and is going for “sexy clown.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    The last one is so beautiful.