LONDON – art students, central saint martins & camberwell college of arts, 12/03/07

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  1. Candid Cool says:

    i like the kimono esque wrap on no 4

  2. Every one of them looks fantastic- whether it’s the girl with the pink tights, or #2 with her hat and Mary Janes, or #1 with the jacket (which looks so cosy) and hat that makes me think of Robin Hood, or the extremely spiffy #3, and all the others too.

  3. mens flair says:

    Young fellow dressed the part, if only he wasn’t trying to be so fashionable with the pants.

  4. Emma says:

    cool photos…but i can’t view them any bigger, when i click it asks me to download the file, it doesn’t go directly to separate page.

  5. headmistress says:

    no.3, let’s get married :)

    none of them are terribly exciting, but still I think this has been my favourite set of late… I love all the colours, the hot pink streak of legs, the silver dress.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ditto re: emma said
    last three posts can’t see larger pic w/o download.
    boo hoo! please fix!

  7. I thought the not opening without a download was a result of my computer being weird…but still, fantastic lot.

  8. Since I’m not the most geeky person on Earth, I’d appreciate if someone could help me on the downloading problem.

    It has actually appeared a few days ago, like that, I don’t know why?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. proxi says:

    I would wear a dressing gown all day too- if only i had a balentiaga bag to compliment it.

    love the pics!

  10. Anonymous says:

    #2 & #3 are my favourites, but everyone here looks great.

  11. Anonymous says:

    fur..eww :-(

  12. Drusilla says:

    devisageur: I don’t think there’s really a problem, here’s how people can get around downloading (kind of stupid, but whatever)
    1. When you click on the pic to enlarge, a popup will probably appear saying
    “You have chosen to open ____ (fill in image name)” and
    “what should Firefox do with this file?”
    The options it’ll give you are
    i) Open with ___(in my case, the blank was jpegfile)
    ii) Save To Disk.

    Check off Option 1 (this is how it worked on Windows, I don’t know if it’ll work for Mac users too but I hope it does), and the image will open up with whatever your default programme is (in my case, Windows Picture&Fax viewer

  13. Nisha says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Oh, and I think Blogger’s done something, even my own pictures don’t just open in the tab when I click them.


    Dru/Blue Floppy Hat/Chooser of odd pseudonyms

  15. Lynn & Horst says:

    so much fur everywhere
    i don’t know what i should think about it…

  16. Lynn & Horst says:

    so much fur everywhere
    i don’t know what i should think about it…

  17. Lynn & Horst says:

    so much fur everywhere
    i don’t know what i should think about it…

  18. louee says:

    i wish the people at my art school were like that, too…. :(

  19. Paul Pincus says:

    I know trying too hard is almost a sin…reveals your inner saddness…but somehow # 5 with the pink legs manages to float above it all! On some level with her it’s probably innate.

    #7 sucks! Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  20. Anonymous says:

    get over this shit, art school is so gay.

  21. ezgi says:

    just love the pink leggings!! amazing

  22. Anonymous says:

    come baaack to camberwell…