GENEVA – on the street, old town + cornavin, 12/27/07

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  1. Best places to party in Paris?

  2. Best places to party in Paris?

  3. Best places to party in Paris?

  4. wow gold says:

    look them hair,so cool

  5. rEmy says:

    #2 guy`s top and belt. nice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yvan where are the other links to see others streestyle blogs ????

    F**K DOV CHARNEY !!!

  7. Click on “street style sites” and you’ll see…

  8. ghost exit says:

    i guess it only makes sense that ‘the best quality of life in the world’ equates to some really bad style

  9. MEO says:

    look italiano.. commento in italiano.. WOW!!!

  10. mina says:

    the last photo is so great with the shadow of his hair on the wall..